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    1982 Honda Goldwing GL1100
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    1988 Honda Goldwing GL1500
  3. Fire-medic

    Japauto 960 cc SOHC CB750 Honda 4 cyl. and Florida doppleganger

    An interesting read. The largest European Honda dealer builds big-bore SOHC 4 cyl endurance racers after the release of the 750-4 in Oct 1968, making this the 50th anniversary in Oct. of what was the archetype of what became known as the Universal Japanese Motorcycle (UJM)...
  4. Fire-medic

    Honda Gold Wing roadracer from 1976

    CaptainKyle likes his 4 cyl Gold Wings and says he can get one through curves pretty-well. Here's some GW info on 1970's European roadracing GW's, lots of pics. One of these bikes lapped the Isle of Man in I think 1976 at 102 mph. I like the monoshock rear, pretty-neat for the late...
  5. gentsvmax

    1981 Honda CM 400A

    The A is for automatic,I got two of these last year,abandoned. Today I got a vin inspection and so on to get it titled, registered and plated. Im one step closer to getting her on the road for a friend. A great beginner bike, she's gonna love it. Still needs lock set, fork seals, carb boots...
  6. N

    Had anyone had experience with a Honda st1100 front end

    Local chap is selling a 99 st1100 front end complete. Brakes, clamps etc, is 815 long from top to axle.
  7. radley

    Power Steering Leak on 2008 Honda Pilot

    so the lady i been hanging with for a while, well, of course I end up diagnosing/researching/fixing her ride, 08 Pilot. Been a good car, but recently sprung a bit of a power steering fluid leak. Thought maybe a bad seal in rack, like my Malibu had. Took a peek under hood, looked at pump, could...
  8. Fire-medic

    not a bike but V-12 1500 cc Honda Formula 1 car 1965

    Got the winter doldrums, and want some motorsports sound in your life? How about a V-12 1500 cc Honda F1 Grand Prix car from 1965? It reportedly was capable of 14,000 rpm and living. Richie Ginther (USA) and Ronnie Bucknum (USA) drove these cars, and the only F1 race this series (RA271-272) won...
  9. F

    '97 Honda VT1100C1 Shadow Spirit 1100, 57K, $2,100, south Texas

    Selling my 1997 Honda Shadow Spirit 1100, 57,138 miles. V-twin, water-cooled, shaft drive, 5-speed. Very nice bike. Everything works as it should, just needs a new garage to park in! Owned it the last 9 years, put on 22K-plus miles in that span. Recently bought a '98 Honda Magna to replace it...
  10. J

    '09 Honda CBR 600RR LED tailight

    Hello, I ordered the wrong tailight to custom install onto my '06 vmax. I was supposed to get an '06! LOL Anyways, I decided to go ahead and use it. I'm very impressed with how it turned out. Here's a few pictures of it installed onto my bike. I only paid $20 for it off of Ebay. Sent from my...
  11. blaxmax

    Parts for Any Honda Kawasaki Yamaha Suzuki---UK

    This should probably be a sticky somewhere-----They do ship to USA-----But mainly for UK members.
  12. Lotsokids

    DARN the Bad Luck! (Honda CR125R Dirt Bike Engine Seized)

    TWO DAYS AGO I bought a 1989 Honda CR125R so I could go dirt riding with my son, who also has a Honda 125 dirt bike. I paid the equivalent of about $500 for it. Well, I tested it before I bought it, and everything was fine (except hard starting with the kick start). Went riding today and the...
  13. tothemax93

    Honda V65

    This is for Tex. I'm not good at throwing numbers at people.
  14. J

    honda magna vs vmax review

    I owned a 1998 Honda magna 750-4v this fall . Was looking for a max, but couldn't find one . I now have a 1998 V max. Here is my review & opinions of both bikes. Magna- year 1998. v4 750cc. 87HP @9000rpm. fuel capacity 3.4gal. weight 504lbs. The bike sits a bit lower and doesn't seem to be as...
  15. Fire-medic

    Welbike forerunner to the Honda Monkey

    I found this recently, an interesting read. A WW II paratrooper motorcycle, designed & made in England. I've seen some info on this before, thought some may find it interesting. More info on the link, and the site at its home page is a resource for info on ships, planes, weapons of all sorts...
  16. rusty

    Honda trail 90 drag race
  17. L

    2006 Honda CBR600F4i

    A-1 shape. Yoshimura slip on. Good tires/brakes. 14,xxx miles. $4,200 or trade for a MAX. Upstate, SC. 330-429-1892. Thanks!
  18. Fire-medic

    No green Civics for Honda right now I drove a NG Civic in fleet use just after they came out. It got about 110 mi to a fillup. Not enough consumer demand despite what the govt. wants
  19. L

    honda RC213V-S "-S for street" thought you guys might like this one.
  20. warriorguy

    New paint on the old Honda CX

    Thought i would try a new paint scheme on the old Honda CX.This is what i came up with.