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  1. L

    Upstate, SC last minute ride 9/12 in the morning?

  2. dannymax

    1 minute commercial....not a word spoken!

    Subject: 1 MINUTE COMMERCIAL (Not A Word) Food City, a Grocery Store Chain, is located in the Southeast and is headquartered in Bristol, TN. This is a great 1-minute commercial. Not a word spoken......... and none needed. Very few commercials deserve to go viral. This one...
  3. C

    Last minute Lucy ride Michigan.

    Tomorrow supposed to be warmer out, and I ve been riding for a couple weeks. I figured maybe some of you Michigan hooligans would like to meet up for a quick ride and maybe lunch some place that no one has to ride 2 hours to get to the ride ? Nothing special, just grab a lunch and catch up...
  4. Redbone

    Great 60 Minute Segment Tonight

    I hope you had the chance to catch the 60 Minutes segment tonight called "Succeeding As Civilians". It's stories like these that give me faith in what makes this a great country! The entertainment and political industries that dominate the media these days with total shit make stories like these...
  5. C

    Last Minute track day 10-22-2012

    Since we rained out two weekends in a row. I decided last minute that I would try and hit the track one last time before I put the bike away. :biglaugh::biglaugh: Came away with the Trophy Class win! I got there too late and pulled right off the trailer into round 1. So I just used my...
  6. Rusty McNeil

    Ghost Rider, 1 minute in and am disapointed

    WTF does Hollywood think they need to dub 4 cylinder sport bike sounds over the opening sequence featuring a Boxer style opposed twin BMW. I'm still going to enjoy it tho'
  7. Jayhawk

    Back to my youth for a minute...

    Damn, I miss this car: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJHgR5D5y0k Mine was Warbonnet Yellow, but the sound was the same. *sigh* The things you give up when you get married...
  8. Redux

    Last minute ride in N GA

    I have tomorrow ( April 18th ) off and hope to hit some mountain roads. Anybody up for a ride? As a side note, anyone that has my off days Monday & Tuesday, if you give me some notice for a future get together, give me shout. I usually don't go up to the mountains on the weekends. Too many...