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  1. frank5079

    These guys are nuts...

    but check out the lead bike.... :worthy:
  2. C

    ebay seller driving me nuts

    So I was toying with the idea of buying a belly pan for the Vmax. I know they do not cost a lot of money but after a complete rebuilt, new shocks, new gear and new everything I was running out of cash. I noticed an auction for a used belly pan. Seller had it on his motorcycle. I looked at the...
  3. davidon

    Final drive acorn nuts

    Thread size on these? (1.5 or 1.25mm)
  4. MaxMidnight

    Pre-load top nuts

    In the late eighties, early nineties the Japanese factories realised that customers wanted some adjustment on the front forks. I seem to recall that there were machines with pre-load adjusters built into the top nut of the front forks. Is anyone aware if there are any out there that are the...
  5. gamorg02

    Exhaust flange nuts coming loose?

    So this past weekend, my rear left header came loose and came out of the Y connector (walker pipes). Tightened everything back up but the nuts seem to be loosening each time i check now. Is it OK to put locktite on these? Or maybe some sort of lockwasher? Some guys I see putting anti-seize...
  6. Robbarrie

    Popups are driving me nuts !

    No sure but I never used to get popups - but the last few days there driving me fuckin batty ! Anyone else notice this while on the forum ?????:damn angry: :damn angry:
  7. clintard

    Looking for new nuts for front rotors

    Im looking for new fasteners/nuts whatever you want to call them that hold on the front rotors. Mine are rusty. I thought about powder coating them black but it would be too much of a pain. Does anyone know where i can get these? I looked in the parts diagrams on yamaha dealers websites and had...