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  1. C

    Yo Gen 2 guys come join our facebook page

    We have put up a facebook page for generation 2 owners or want to be owners :) bring your pics of your ride and your mods etc. There is a huge following for the gen 1 ...lets make the gen 2 just as iconic.
  2. SpecOps13

    Wake Up Call Video Page..

    I got this link in my E-Mail from one of the ABC Agents I shoot with. I thought it was very interesting, especially the video about FEMA Preperations for Oct 1, 2013......:confused2::bang head: The rest of the videos, pretty good too...
  3. donnelly317

    Anyone go to this nitro max page?

    Didnt read all of it yet.. but randomly found this page. Its old so it may have already been talked about here
  4. twistedmax

    web page

    Hey all, I belive the maxgasser web page is up,may need some tweaking but its up, if youd like to check it out ,and maybe provide some feedback Im meeting in the morning with another fiberglass connection,hopefully more reliable then the current, I have the next...
  5. 82ndCowboy

    VMAX Twitter page.

    I created a page on twitter if anyone uses twitter.
  6. Buster Hymen

    VMF Links page not working

    It's been pointed out to me that the VMF Links page is not working... and it isn't! :damn angry: I'll be working on this and let you know when it is back on line.
  7. 4gasem

    V.M.F. Links Page Thread

    In case some of you are unaware of it. Buster was nice enough to setup a links page where we can go to find Vmax and non-Vmax related links... It's up on the second from the top menu bar. I have setup a ton of them and just added some new ones today. I will try to add new ones as we go along...
  8. G Man

    Concept Bikes Page

    Interesting link found on another forum I frequent. It has a grouping of all manufacturers concept bikes on one page. Kinda interesting. G Man