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  1. 1986davester2010

    Bronze or brown engine side cover panel touch up paint

    I doubt it’s out there but has anyone found the correct paint or a close match anywhere for the bronze or brownish colored cover panels on the engines?my 2010 needs just some minor touch up done and I’m needing the paint.thanks in advance.
  2. Traumahawk

    Bolt caps for painting

    Does anyone know where I can find caps that will fit over the cap screws on the engine (so when i paint the engine, paint wont get on the cap screws) or is it even needed? Thanks Eric
  3. G

    Switch block paint flaking, stickers??

    I have a 1989 bike that is in great condition however both right and left switch block controls are flaking their paint. Obviously painting them black is no issue, however the small writing is going to be lost... as the lettering no is not “indented” it seems to have been printed on... Has...
  4. G

    Paint Cost???

    Looking to have a rear fender, front fender, front fender fork brace, and the faux tank painted. They quoted me about $450 + tax from my local collision max. No big damage but the occasional chip / small scratch. I thought that price seemed pretty high but I could be wrong. ( was hoping to...
  5. CaptainKyle

    Paint set -SOLD-

    Fresh painted body set color is called candy Brandywine pictures do not do this paint justice. $ 475 exchange plus shipping and paypal fees. All exchange parts must be in good shape no broken fender tabs etc. No wallowed out holes in fenders ,dents etc. If you have any damaged parts I will have...
  6. CaptainKyle


    Just a few things I have done this week. A gen 1 in what's called a candy Brandywine. The gen 2 is a one off mixed color and the Harley tank is going to be a wall hanging g for the local Harley dealer. Pictures do not do this stuff justice.
  7. D-Max2012

    Chrome Paint. What's your take on it??

    This "looks" to good to be true.. What's your take on it??
  8. vwaxxed

    Engine paint touch up- Who has done it?

    The paint on the engine of my 86 is just terrible and I hate looking at it. I'm really wanting touch the paint up on it. I only saw one post about this and it was 6 years ago with limited information. Who all has done this? What paint did you use? How did you prep it? What kind of results...
  9. F

    Gold Front Brake Rotor Paint

    Does anyone know of a paint that closely matches the gold center of '98 front rotors? Nothing I've seen in the local hardware or box stores is even close. TIA
  10. 912er

    New Paint!

    Finally after 32 years the 85 gets new paint! Bought it new on 06/13/85 :biglaugh:
  11. V

    Your custom paint pictures

    I'm about to have my Vmax resprayed. Interested for custom paint job pictures. Please post them up! Mine is currently black with what seems like different color metal flaking. I wonder what it would look like in white.
  12. OKCVmax

    Where to get 1985 "Dark Amethyst" paint?

    Looking at buying an '85 that has been painted some god awful blue color. It needs to be put back to the Original Dark Amethyst color. Only problem is, I can't find it... anywhere. Just wondering if you guys have any idea where I could get some?
  13. K

    Paint Colors for 1986

    I have an '86 which is painted in a metallic maroon color. The quality of the paint looks as though it is original, although I have been told that although maroon was available in '86, 'metallic' maroon wasn't available until '92, so it may have been a good re-spray. The previous owner has had...
  14. Hijinx1812

    Sick exhaust header paint

    Hey guys - my cousin just sent me this vid. This has got to be one of the coolest things I've ever seen on a bike! Now I just need to find someone near me capable of doing it....
  15. CaptainKyle

    Custom paint body set. -SOLD-

    Custom painted body set has not been on a bike since being painted. The colors are not completely traditional colors it has lots of pearl over it. It only looks complete black when not in the sun when the sun hits it turns black gold & the yellow has lots of flake in it. I tried to get a picture...
  16. CaptainKyle

    KR Vmax Paint

    Well not a lot of room to work on a max faux cover but here is my Kenny Roberts theme for a Gen 1. I think it would look great with black scoops. I put the pearl over the stripes on this one. I did not do that on the bolt so on this one the stripes will pop in the day time with the gold pearl...
  17. CaptainKyle

    Yamaha Bolt paint

    This has been my latest project for a guy over in SC. He wanted a Kenny Roberts theme so I painted it up for him. I put a lot of gold pearl in the clear over the yellow it really made it pop in the sun light. It does not show up in Pictures good. I am also doing a Vmax in the same theme while I...
  18. G

    Swing Arm Paint

    What's best match for touching in silver swing arm on '98 ?, seems hard to get similar shade
  19. byle05

    Engine paint

    Hi all! I am trying to do some small things to my newly bought VMAX. Its a second hand one and the engine is having many parts where the black paint has gone. They are small things but i was thinking whether there would be some heat prepared paint that I can use for painting it even if its...
  20. caseyjones955

    Winter checklist: Paint prep and color.

    I got Maxine inside and about ready to begin my winter checklist of upgrades. I have the progressive fork springs, seals and oil thanks to Sean for the great videos and parts btw. I hope to have it painted when my new Maxgasser arrives. This is all she needs. Here is the only thing, I'm a...