Chrome Paint. What's your take on it??

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Oh My Dear Lord!!
$200.00 for a spay base coat can, and a little 4oz brush-on can..
Alsa Chrome paint - expensive.jpg

Someone is trying to get rich quick..
Nope, my conscious wont allow it.. :).
Not good reviews at all.. So I wonder if it's CGI on that 1st video..
Of course, it doesn't help when it's that expensive.

If it was only $2.00 a can, then it might have better reviews because you don't expect much for that price.. lol!

So it looks like Alsa sells multiple variations of this paint..

The one in the 1st video is called Easy Chrome.
The cars hood is another Alsa chrome product.
I like the questions and answers on the YouTube channel. Mostly positive, but one guy was pissed because it came with no instructions and he wanted his money back.
Spectra chrome was similar and a nice looking finish too, but it fizzled out. I tried chrome powder coat a while ago but it wasn't what was claimed. Of course chrome is pricey too. Chrome won't get ya home.

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