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  1. Buster Hymen

    Photoshop question

    If anyone is good with Photoshop, please PM me as I've got a few questions about creating a photo collage. I assume it involves Layers, which I haven't really worked with. Thanks! :cheers:
  2. 88vmx12

    anyone use photoshop CS5?

    I just picked up the photoshop CS5 and I do not have any instructions on how to use it :ummm:. I was wondering if anyone knows of some video tutorials available online for it. I am trying to get some images edited and a few other projects finished that I have been thinking about. Thanks Gannon
  3. one2dmax

    UFO - The photoshop experts!

    This is actually pretty funny! I already posted on the web page a request to have him email me the big pics. What a douche - lol. Somebody needs to photoshop Chong's face (of "Cheech and Chong") on a picture of him since I think he's so stoned it...
  4. W

    Line Drawing, Sketch or Photoshop Help??

    Great title right?? Sorry I couldn't come up with anything better title. Here is my situation. My 47 year sister was diagnosed with a very very rare form of Cancer last year (Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma = blood vessel cancer). How rare? She is only 51 know case. She was being...
  5. train460

    Photoshop, Artist, ? Pic wanter

    I am asking anyone with drawing, photoshop, etc skills. to put me a pic together so i can get it put on a cake for one of our South Central rallies. what i am looking for is to have a new vmax and a old vmax facing each other, sharing the same front wheel. One front wheel with 2 sets of forks...
  6. R

    Wraith -> photoshop challenge!

    what a bike , eh "take me to your leader.."
  7. turbostang

    Anyone here good at usign photoshop?

    Anyone here good at using photoshop? Could someone please put the color from the Mustang on the Vmax please. Thanks
  8. Buster Hymen

    Anyone good with Photoshop?

    I've got a design idea for a new logo banner but it is beyond my crappy Photoshop skills. Anyone decent with this program, shoot me a PM.