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  1. TB99Max

    85 seat both pieces

    The passenger seat is gin good condition but the driver seat has a few rips in it. $110 shipped
  2. rick67ca

    Refinish gen 1 carbon fiber look pieces

    Hello, I have the gen 1 carbon fiber look fenders and faux tank. All three are very faded. I would like to refinish them. Most web searches for refinishing c.f. just note light sanding of the clearcoat and then applying new clearcoat. Does anyone here have helpful tips for this process?
  3. dannymax

    Head trim pieces

    A buddy of mine came up with the idea of mirror finish polished stainless steel trim strips for the head cooling fins, had some prototypes made and I installed some on my '86. There appears to be some fitment issues due to varying dimensions on the heads from different year bikes.....some of...
  4. Fire-medic

    cleaning small pieces using grinding, chemical and media-blasting

    FYI one of the most useful tools I have for cleaning smaller parts like electrical contacts is my Dremel MotoTool or equivalent. http://www.dremel.com/en-us/Pages/default.aspx With a brass bristle brush in it, you can do a great job of safely cleaning them. There are different shape brushes...
  5. R

    Yamaha CF pieces

    Has anyone purchased them? They have every body piece available in CF. Scoops- 999.95 Meter cover- 222.95 Front fender- I think 299.95 Rear fender- Somewhere around 500 Side covers- also around 500 I can't remember the exact prices, but I was just curious if anyone had purchased them. I'm...
  6. C

    slide diaphram assembly in pieces? ?

    Hey guys I just was just starting to take my cards apart and when I took my diaphragm cover off the spring came out and the diaphragm was in pieces. The the boot was not attached to the slide. Boot is still intact no tears or rips. Anyone know if there is anyway to fix this or is it supposed to...
  7. bud7680

    looking for a few little pieces and parts and info

    I need to get some bolts to attach the R1 rotors to a spare wheel. I have seen this info. somewhere on here and can't remember where. I need all 12. Can I buy them at the hardware and if so what am I asking for. I guess I could take one off and take it with me but pita! Also, am looking for...
  8. dannymax

    Small black plastic pieces in inner fork tube?

    I have a '99. I'm doing progressive springs and oil & dust seals. Everything came apart fine but............in the inner fork tube, just above the Oil lock piece there is some sort of retaining ring. It doesn't seem to be mentioned in the on-line repair manual. I noticed 2 or 3 small pieces...
  9. QuarterHorse

    New pieces arrived in the mail today

    I gotta do some clean up work to 'em, but I think they were worth what I paid.
  10. B

    Well it's in pieces

    But I'm 1/3rd of the way to redoing the carbs. Taking them out was a pain so I'm sure putting them back will be cake right :whistlin: Need to get several new screws because who ever worked on it before did a number on the existing ones. Put in the new fuel filter and for fun cut open the old...
  11. M

    85 VMAX Exhaust Pieces Lots, ETC, some ceramic coated

    Just let me know what pieces you need. All in good shape.512.554.3262 Adrian