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  1. C

    Rad Hoses

    HI Does anyone know the I.D. of the radiator hoses on a 2004 max. I am installing new speedometer from trail tech and that was one of the questions also I assume I would want to install it in the return form the radiator is that correct And which hose is the return ??? Thanx Chris
  2. S

    Rear pegs, backrest, and left rad cover

    Hey all, I just bought my first V-max (a '89), but at quick glance it's missing a few pieces/parts. To start I'm looking for a set of rear pegs with the mounting studs, a backrest upright and pad, and left side radiator cover. If someone has those part setting around, please let me know...
  3. W

    Looking for the coolest rad cover

    Need a cool rad cover on my 2005 anny edition. :punk:
  4. satariel666

    Made myself a cool set of rad, covers - more possible

    Recently I have found a piece of rest 1mm ss sheet laying around my garage and got an idea of what you can see below. I draw them from a scratch, nothing You may call a copy - like usual from me. Sheet I've had was brushed so it was pain to polish it - like you can see its not perfectly...
  5. L

    rad cover

    Can someone point me to a good Chrome rad cover?
  6. zippo6

    Rad Fan and rough idle - '02 Vmax

    Ok, time to throw my dignity out the window and ask the questions.... Let me start here. I'm a PROUD new Vmax owner!! Purchased my Max about 3 weeks ago, it's an '02 Carbon Fiber.... Anyway.... Question 1: At what point does the rad fan kick in? My first day out on the bike, I was sitting in...
  7. davidon

    Rad cap

    Forgot to ask..is the rad cap a universal part (can get it at an auto store) or is it Max specific.?
  8. davidon

    Rad cap leakage?

    Can rad fluid leak from a sealed cap if the cap is bad? I'm noticing drops of rad fluid on engine below right scoop area but on inspection i see no drops around hose connections under right scoop. Also reserve tank is now at low point.
  9. Robbarrie

    Rad side covers

    I really don't like the look of the rad side covers. That stupid reflector and little panel look like something from a BMX bike. Open to suggestion, and Shawn I seen that you have put covers on / over them. Did you purchase these or did you make them yourself ? Anybody ?
  10. shawn kloker

    Rad hose

    Could someone who can get to their bike help me out?Does the hose from the bottom of the radiator go to the fitting above the bypass valve or the one over on the right?
  11. Robbarrie

    New rad question

    I looked and had no success on finding a over sized rad for the Max. I was wondering if anyone knew of a different models rad that would fit. When I look at the bike from the front, it's no wonder the bike runs close to the limit. There isn't much of the rad sticking out to capture a good air...