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  1. R

    2005 Anniversary Edition #1026 - For Sale

    Sad to say but it's time to sell my true love. Here's a couple pictures, if you need more let me know. The only modifications have been the addition of the bug shield, mini blinkers & the Supertrapp exhausts. Never been down, never been wet, garage kept every day of her life & 13,035 original...
  2. Conman

    1 Red Light= Hot and Sputtering

    My bike cruises on the highway fine, with the temp gage just below the black dot, but in slow driving it heats up really quickly. If I come from a 55 to a long red light, I’ll go from below the black dot to most of the way to the first red line. My fan kicks on about half way between the dot and...
  3. J

    1988 Red VMAX - Barn Find

    Hi, My Uncle passed away and this was in his garage. He drained the gas, antifreeze and oil about 15 years ago. New tires were put on before he stored it. Has about 12k original miles. This week I'm gonna put a battery and gas and see if it starts. Let me know if anyone is interested...
  4. henrysgmc

    Gen 2 Backrest Black with Red Stitching -SOLD-

    New in box. Price is $340.00 shipped. If interested text me at 845-283-6593
  5. J

    1995 Exc. Con. Red 15k Miles NW Florida $3800 obo

    Professionally rebuilt/tuned carbs, cleaned lined tank runs perfectly. New tires, clutch cylinder rebuild, and brakes. Aftermarket seat. Never down, flawless runner Cobra slash cuts with only 15.5K miles. Centerstand included. Excellent condition with exception of PO dropped faux tank cover...
  6. jbretthorton

    Ol' Red for sale

    Well it's time :( Need the money for a down payment on our new house. The bike speaks for itself, you guys know the history... But.... After we move in... I will be back! LOL Just need the money right now! Will discount a tad if from here!
  7. Fire-medic

    red light runners in FL

    Watching this made me cringe: What we have to put up with, it's people like this that make me not want to ride as-much. :confused2:
  8. Fire-medic

    Red Bull F1 car on a ski slope-WHAT?!!?

    Why not? Just add some tire chains, and turn your teenage factory driver loose on a ski slope.
  9. G

    Air Box Cover (fake tank) Red Flames

    New Vmax owner here. First off, love this site. A wealth of info from all you enthusiasts. Bought the FatMax hard bags for the bike and now need to break up all that black paint. I want to continue the flames on the fake tank onto the hard bags. The flames on the cover seem to be a decal...
  10. Cryptorchid

    Does the red '55' on speedo indicate a US import?

    Hi, thanks for adding me! I have just bought a 1999 Carbon Edition, 2 owners and 13600 miles on the clock in lovely 'un-customised' condition. When going to insure it in the UK, I am asked if it is an imported model. Though the registration number shows it to be a UK vehicle on the registration...
  11. frank5079

    Idiot cager blows through a red light.... This is why I wait for cars to my left to run interference before I go on through an intersection.....
  12. D

    2010 V-max red

    I'm sorry to say I am unable to ride anymore and have to sell my sweet ride. 2010 red. 9500 miles. All service done by dealer. Tires new have about 200 miles on them. I t has smoke windscreen, 2nd rider back rest, luggage rack, throttle lock cruise and a hard bag that fits the luggage rack. this...
  13. jbretthorton

    Ol' Red is famous

    :eusa_dance: I had some professional shots taken of ol'red about a month ago to submit to the "CIRCUS-VMAXIMUS" calendar people. They ended up putting the old girl on the cover! :biglaugh: Here is a link to their webpage and a few more pics of ol' red....
  14. D

    2010 vmax red

    2010 v max red. All stock with the add on wind screen and luggage rack. 9,500miles. $13,500.00 usd. 816 507 1350.
  15. 82ndCowboy

    I want red coolant hoses and spark plug wires. STAT!

    Im looking to order them today and have them by weeks end. Any one know where I can get them? I meaan right now. Not later. Im in a highly impatient mood today.
  16. VmaxRider85

    2010 Vmax red

    ,10 Vmax many extras to much to list has 8,000 miles asking 14k call (518) 429-0313 my name is mike located in clifton park ny 20 mins passed albany
  17. davidon

    Temp red line

    Got caught in stop and extremely slow traffic for about 30 min and temp needle was creeping up to touching redline. How safe is it to drive at this juncture? Should you pull over and allowing cooling or is it only a problem if it goes into the red zone for an extended/short period of time...
  18. H

    1988 vmax red 9250 miles long island ny

    selling my 88max with 9250 miles . new tires new battery new fork seals carbs rebuilt. tuned up fresh oil and filters , just needs a new home. 516-779-7812 jason asking 3800.00
  19. B

    Red Radiator Reflectors

    Hi all I have mentioned this previously. I have a 1986 model Vmax US market which was imported into the UK in 2013. I am trying to get it 'stock' as possible. It is a pretty original survivor bike. It has red reflectors on the radiator cowlings. One is a proper Stanley one part no RR0502 the...
  20. C

    How fast is a red Ferrari.....

    So there I am on Saturday minding my own business, tooling down M53 from Port Austin area. I am cruising around 75 mph. Not much traffic, just me and the open country. Overcast and a little cool, so with almost full gear on, its a nice ride. Glancing over to my bar end mirror I see a car...