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  1. Redbone

    Remote Frotteurism?

    There you are a long way from home and looking for a little something from your female significant other (or male for you females!) so you each don your special underwear fire up Skype and your Smartphone set to your new touch app and...
  2. johnpclynch

    Remote oil filter setup

    I was browsing a few forums and I came across this - designed and built by a guy called Terry in Australia for a CB550 It has similar dimensions to the filter housing on the older Vmax and was wondering why the closest I've seen to this is a spin-on adapter. This setup would suit me and my...
  3. V

    Garage Door Remote Switch

    I can't even count the number of garage door remotes I've lost while riding my vmax. Does anyone here have suggestions how to mount a remote switch on the bike to open a garage door?
  4. SvenDGAF

    Remote Master Cylinder Reservoirs

    I am in the process of gathering the bits to do the R1 front brake upgrade on my '85, and I have braided lines, adapter brackets, blue spot calipers and an R1 master cylinder. Today I needed to bleed my clutch (I have a tiny leak somewhere, as this needs doing about twice a year) , and totally...
  5. rhoke

    Remote Oil Filter

    Well early this year I broke my oil filter stay on the lower case. First Pic I talked to Sean and he filled me in on some options. Talk about good customer. I tried a couple and just decided a remote oil filter. A lot of research and parts store later here is what I have so far. Smallest...
  6. RaWarrior

    ipod remote control

    Got this the other day off eBay for $19 shipped(now it's $29 ....must have just jacked the price). Called an "iJet Nav" (search that on ebay). It's a little dongle that plugs into the dock connector of the ipod, and allows you to control the ipod functions with a small wireless fob. The "nav"...
  7. D

    garage remote hooked to headlight mod

    remember when this was posted? you use a keychain remote and hook it up to your hibeam to open and close the garage. WELL...I updated my garage opener to a Chamberlain model security + system....only problem is the remotes I have come across are 3volt batteries! cant user them can you?
  8. eatatjoz

    Genie/Overhead door Motorcycle remote.

    I do garage doors and openers for a living. From time to time, I hack remotes for my customers that have motorcycles. (biker friendly business you know) I thought some of you may get some use of this, so here it is. This will focus on the Genie and "Overhead door" brand openers, simply...