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  1. S

    Boots For Riding

    Hey Guys! Can I have some knowledge on the boots which can be used in bike riding as hard as me..? I would like to inform you that I use to make some alteration to my bikes always. Frankly I work hard for that:bang head: Looking out for the best and safe boots for my work and riding as...
  2. Fire-medic

    Riding into History St. Augustine FL Fr/Sa May 18-19

    https://ridingintohistory.org/the-event/ The selection of bikes here is outstanding. My friend that goes w/me to Daytona will be attending. Lots of interesting bikes. One of my acquaintances from NY is bringing a BSA Gold Star. Be sure to look at the galleries from prior years. The...

    When just riding around endlessly

    I have ridden motorcycles on the street since I was 17 years old , now I'm in my 50's Can't even imagine how many miles I have logged endlessly just riding around the earth ! Sometimes I would ride around not even knowing where I am , but just keep going until I run into a sign for a state road...
  4. Killjoy

    Went riding with a friend.

    Finally got a ride in! Took the max out with a friend of mine. Sportbike guy with a 93 crb900rr. Blasted around town for a while then i said he suggested we swap bikes since he has only ever ridden sportbikes and wanted to give the vmax a try... Get out to a long straight, swapped over. Told...
  5. Kronx

    Corgi Riding A Pony

    Sometimes I feel Missouri tries to compete with Florida for the bizarre news stories. But this one cracked me up because they act like they got caught breaking some animal code of interspecies dating haha: BOLIVAR, Mo. (AP) - A dog riding a one-eyed pony into the night is a surely a spectacle...
  6. Fire-medic

    Broderick Crawford chases motorcycle riding robbers

    Another cool Highway Patrol story, but this time the bad guys are on motorcycles, Harley Panheads. Dan Mathews (Crawford) drives a cool Mercury. The robbers use a truck to hide the bikes after the heist, and to make their getaway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8w0YGnpWUw
  7. O

    Riding my 04 at high elevation

    Doing a Colorado trip next month with a friend and wondered what to expect at 9000 to 10000 ft. in terms of how bad it might run. It has a Marks Performance full exhaust and a Sean Morley jet kit,( not sure what #jets) and runs great in Kansas City. Thanks Jack
  8. Foxviewnet

    Saw this while riding today!

    Anybody thinking the same thing I was thinking? I didn't... but I was thinking it, lol!:hmmm:
  9. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics

    I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will be traveling to Colorado in June to teach both ARC Level I and ARC Level II. The Date is June 15th. The venue will be at the Pikes Peak International Raceway (No not on the track). The event is following the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association...
  10. Lotsokids

    Nobody Riding?

    Here in Hungary we've had consistent beautiful weather for the last 11 days. It's been around 80 degrees and sunny. But out of the 9 motorcycle riders in my workplace, only occasionally 1 other person rode his motorcycle. I rode to lunch yesterday alone to the nearest McDonalds - 30 minutes...
  11. VMax-Mike

    joe rocket riding gear for sale

  12. Lotsokids

    Winter Riding

    Rode my V-Max to work this morning (again). Clear weather, good roads. Just very cold at 19 degrees F. The guys at work think I'm crazy... maybe I am. I just really enjoy riding the V-Max. I always reply, "No rain, no snow, no ice... I'm riding." Just some quick tips: 1. Be careful...
  13. Fire-medic

    good riding logo for this mama

    A debate about this being photoshopped, but regardless, it's pretty-funny.
  14. A

    The end of the riding season

  15. VMax-Mike

    Is anyone riding ohio michigan area on 9-13-15

    Look like the weather is going to be nice a great day to ride. So fare I'm the only one riding and I would like meet up with other riders if anyone wants to ride let me know. I will be leaving the house at 8am and I can ride all day.
  16. VMax-Mike

    Is anyone riding in Michigan today

    I would like to meet up soon and ride until 5pm. I will be rolling out at 11 o'clock.
  17. M

    hard starting after riding

    i took my 91 out today.it started fine.after ten minutes of riding i stopped for gas and it cranked over real slow,then got home about 15 minutes later shut it off and tried restarting it and it spun over real hard for about four seconds and battery was like it was dead.its a new battery and...
  18. A

    bikes dies after riding for a little bit then wont start

    I've been working on my 85 for a little bit now and got it running and everything, noticed that the spark plug wires are arcing to the motor so I ordered new ones, but I can still ride it's just very rough. I know it's not a good idea doing that probably but it's just around my block, but the...
  19. frank5079

    Riding Music

    Two main songs that play in my head when I'm riding..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNG_Kn-m73M and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j8CcTYsMHYU
  20. C

    Summer Riding

    I'd like to extend and invitation to anyone in the North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota or Canada area to meet up and ride this summer. I'm located about an hour from each, and would love to explore the areas. Post on this thread if you're interested. Thanks!