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  1. dannymax

    Where is your state rate on the 'rude driver' scale?

    NY in the top three?......Amazing!! :biglaugh:
  2. vmax626

    I`m lookin for, model train stuff in H-O scale

    Hey guys, I just thought I`d ask if any of you guys have any model train stuff in a box in garage or attic , or just layin around ??? I`m getting ready to put together a good sized layout in my garage ( wanna get the grand sons into something innocent and interesting along with having a good...
  3. D

    HPI diecast VMAX 1/6 scale

    has anyone seen these before? i just saw them not too long ago and have been looking but i can not find them anywhere. if anyone has any info on where i can get an 09 one i would greatly appreciate the help.
  4. rusty

    Vmax Scale Models <------Amazing detail :biglaugh:
  5. Rusty McNeil

    14 year old twins scale the universe

    14 year old twins scale the universe..... This is pretty awesome and worth the time....I promise. Hope they got an A
  6. richwrench

    New tool - Float scale...

    Check out this new tool I got - a digital scale. I originally wanted to weigh my floats, but I haven't had a float scale in years & the new digi-stuff is way more accurate & easier to come by as well. I got this scale with free shipping all the way from Hong Kong to Palm Harlem for only 10 bucks...
  7. firefly

    Kalvin light scale

    This helps determine which light bulb will suit your need, its for color not intensity of light