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  1. D

    new to this sight

    Hello all of you vmax crazies I just registered. Purchased a 2007 max last week and having a blast. Stock with 4300 miles and very well kept I couldn't be prouder.... I'm in western mi. my name is Dan . Cant wait to ride with other vmax owners....
  2. C

    Front brake sight glass

    Please help me, my sight glass is old and seeping brake fluid. Is there a cure or fix for this? I looked for just a glass, and came up empty. I tried to search the threads but I couldn't pull up the search box, so if I'm in the wrong place help me out
  3. mr.maxx

    sight glass

    where can i get a sight glass lens for the clutch master cyl?? TIA
  4. Fire-medic

    Front Sight Firearms Training Institute

    I bet I hear from SpecialOps13 on this one. A cousin invited me to participate in a 4 day defensive handgun training course next month, he is a career retired USAF Academy officer. Has anyone got any info on this business? I am not a handgun guy so it might be a good course to take. I used to...
  5. WVxNitemare

    Ride For Sight Sponsors

    Hello guys, I'm doing the Ride 4 Sight this year again but I've setup an online account for sponsors if anyone wishes to sponsor the ride for me. Anything is acceptable. Below is my sponsor message: Please show your support by sponsoring me in Ride for Sight 2011. By sponsoring me, you will...
  6. SpecOps13

    Sight Glass Test For Oil Pressure????

    SGT For Oil Pressure???? Verified it's OK...... I have an oil pressure gauge coming from Cycle One Off. In the mean time, I'll ask a question about a Go-No Go indication using the sight glass as an indicator. With the bike setting level, my oil level is at the top mark for the sight glass. I...
  7. vmaxcruzer

    oil sight glass

    Does anyone know how to change the oil sight glass? Its orderable.
  8. O

    newby to the sight with a ????

    Hey all,cool sight.been checking it out for awhile. I've got a 86 vmax and the v-boost controller is causing it to stay stuck on. How can I temporarily disconnect the vboost so I can ride it until I come across a good price on a controller?Thanks for any help...
  9. Buster Hymen

    Ride For Sight sponsors

    The dual sport club I am in do the yearly Ride For Sight except we do the ride all off road. So I'm wondering if anyone wants to sponsor me this year? This can all be done on line here...