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  1. PresaCan

    Gen 2 Slip Ons

  2. L

    wtb slip on for 95 Vmax

  3. C

    Supertrapp slip ons

    Will be picking up a bike in ten days which has a need for a new set of Supertrapp slip ons. Does anyone perhaps have a set available? PLease PM me with asking price and details (condition) Thank you
  4. 93max

    Potential new to me slip on's

    I might be picking up a pair of old Jardines for my 93. Probably made around the same time so it might be period correct! They look to be in very good shape. I may do something with the tips if I don't care for the way it looks. Here's some pics.
  5. BorgBiker

    Cobra Slip Ons and 2002 Silver Wheels

    Hey all, I'm selling a set of lightly used Cobra slip-ons and the Silver stock wheels off my 2002. They are not listed anywhere else yet, you guys have the first shot at them. If interested, see the ads here: Wheels Cobra Exhaust Thanks!
  6. S

    Cobra Slip ons w/stage 7 kit

    Looking at buying an 85 vmax, the owner put a stage 7 kit in the max without changing the exhaust. it idles fine but you must choke it to drive. The price is right. do you think it just needs an exhaust system? Would it work run with cobra slip-on's I have?
  7. H

    Jardine slip ons

    had these Jardine slip on's for a while now and never used them. They look really good and are just slightly used. Quick and easy winter modification for a stock vmax. $320.00 plus shipping.
  8. D

    Vmax slip ons wanted.

    Hey guys I was looking for a cheap ($100-$200) replacement for the stock mufflers. Looking for something that can lighten the weigh of my exhaust. Any slip ons im able to use, im also willing to trade my stock muffler if you would like. Thank you for the read and have a great day.
  9. Z

    Supertrapp Exhaust slip ons -SOLD-

    Good condition used exhaust. They look great. Fully chromed all looks great just a few scratches nothing major. Less than 5k miles on exhaust. $250 plus shipping. PM if interested.
  10. L

    HELP ... bought a slip ons exhausts, but I don't know what brand are ..? ??

    Hello, I am from Portugal and bought a slip ons for my vmax 2003, but i don't know what brand they are.:ummm: The sound of slip ons is very good, ...., now have a real muscle V4.:surprise: I just like to know what brand are they? Help me please.:confused2: They have been bought at a store...
  11. Shredder

    Ufo megaphone slip ons black

    I seriously just got home from buying these from a guy and didnt realize they wont fit on my stock headers They are ia great shape. Pretty much brand new. Packing is like new. I paid 100$ for them. So 100$ plus shipping or trade for a nice ser of supertrapps
  12. TB99Max

    Two brothers carbon slip on

    It was on the bike when i bought it and I don't care for the looks. It should fit most 4-1 exhaust systems. It's 18.5" long can and 2.25" inlet. Kind of beat up. $30 plus shipping. **** NEW PRICE $20 PLUS SHIPPING *****
  13. Traumahawk

    Aftermarket levers making clutch slip

    This has been discussed a bit on other threads but like I'd said earlier, I would post details as to what I found when I got home and got everything fixed. So, A bit of history Several years ago, I bought these levers.....and didnt have any issue from them...
  14. V

    Clutch slip + late engagement

    Noticed my clutch slipping recently when I really get on it. It's intermittent...which seems odd. Bike only has 6,500 miles on it. Also, the clutch doesn't engage until the lever is almost completely released. Not sure if these issues are related...or if I just need a new clutch. Anyone seen...
  15. J

    Slip on for Kerker 4-2-1 needed

    Looking for some type slip on that will work with the Kerker 4-2-1 header on my 90 Max. Pitted chrome or minor rust isnt issue as it will be powdercoated black anyways. Not looking to spend a fortune but open header is just too annoying. Got to quiet it down some. Any brand is fine
  16. B

    Delkevic slip ons and stage 1

    Noobie here, 2005 max. i added a k&n filter, and will be adding slip on a stage 1 jet kit sufficient or should I go stage 3 ??
  17. Mr-Hill87

    What's a good slip on exhaust? ?

    Looking into putting a slip on, on my 2010 VMax any suggestions? ?
  18. I

    Carb tune done with Cobra Slip ons

    Well as the title says. I am looking for suggestions as to what fellow VMAXers have done with Cobra slip on setups. My bike is currently all stock with the exceptions of the slipons. My issue with the bike is cruising around 3.5k to 6.5k (around 65mph to 80mph or so) it studders and acts like it...
  19. jwb125

    Clutch slip when it hits 6000rpm or wheel spin?

    Hi, im new to the vamx and am either getting clutch slip when I hit about 6000rpm or the tyre is spinning up? Anyone have the same issues? I can have the bike in 5th doing 25mph and roll on the throttle and no clutch slip? Its happened a few times now but only when I really nail the trottle when...
  20. Micahdean

    Marving slip on

    Im looking into the marving slip on exhaust with the curved end. I cant find out much info from people weather they are worth it or not. Full systems are out of my price range and these seem to look the best in my mind. Any help?