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  1. VMAXGUY88

    LCP Sweet Pea Trigger

    Ruger LCP Sweet Pea trigger $35 shipped
  2. Bill Kratzenberg

    sweet brown

    Aint nobody got time for that... lol http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Nh7UgAprdpM
  3. 5

    MY bros boosted rides sweet

    hi not sure if this is the right place to put this, but if not let me know. my brothers boosted sweet rides. :punk: http://classicfunnycarboard.com/
  4. K

    Picked up the Carrozzeria's - Chrome is sweet!!!

    Thank you so much, Sean! We have to pick up tires yet for my rear and for both of the wife's, but they look great!! :punk: I started putting together the wish list after visiting the shop last week. We'll have to see what happens over the winter...
  5. R

    Need a Sweet tank sticker

    So I have an 03 with the matte black. Sexy as all get out, but the warning sticker for break in procedure left a bullet proof residue on my paint. I have tried soaking it overnight with a rag coated in paint safe goo remover, I've tried heating it, yelling at it but nothing works. Now I just...
  6. maxrom

    sweet low ride

    sweet low ride Tbrnk, i like that comment second bike third pic HEY MY MAX wooohooo http://www.pythonmotorsports.com/vmax/vmaxpix/gallery.htm and yes it is low hi hi
  7. KJShover

    pretty sweet genII rearsets

  8. MR_NST

    I love bikes and cars but wow this is sweet

    cant quit watching from 3:10, this thing must be a hand full!!!!!!!! and the shit eating grin on his face... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeNLMN_RqSI
  9. jedi-

    Sweet ebay Max

    Looks pretty sharp... http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Yamaha-V-Max-VMX12-02-YAMAHA-VMAX-V-MAX-_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ220647723381QQptZUSQ5fmotorcycles
  10. Caleb_M

    Sweet concept bike!

    I want one! http://gizmodo.com/5607625/high+tech-2wd-ostoure-superbike-is-straight-out-of-skynets-garage It does look a lot like this one though. http://www.suzukicycles.org/Concept-Suzuki/Falcorustyco.shtml
  11. M

    Sold my Sweet Vmax......

    and bought this! Its a 2006 FZ1. Had 700 miles on the clock when I got it. Has 2200 now. Super comfortable, smooth, fast, and it turns great! Wish I could have both, but the wife was uncomfortable on the back and I wanted F.I. and I couldnt make the Vmax handle well. This thing is...
  12. J

    sweet 1/8 mile race

    Yes, I have been riding the bedst dragrace of my life:punk:I cant get my arms down. I ran 6,77 and 163 km/t and i beat a busa:eusa_dance: but how fast can I expekt my vmax to do 1/8 race? My vmax have stock engine but whit flatslide carbs, 4,2,1 exhaust, 17"wheels and low as hell.
  13. 2fear

    Broke a sweet trying to bust a nut....

    Broke a sweat trying to bust a nut.... Get your mind out of the gutter! I installed my engine guards on my 05 Vmax and the damn frame bolt on the right side was a bear to get off. It looks like they put blue loc-tight on the threads from the factory, so I broke a sweat trying to bust a nut...
  14. bikedave99

    Sweet Accessory Switch Option!

    So, there are no nice low profile switches made for motorcycles that don't add to the clutter. That is unless you have a full dresser or a sportbike with lots of plastic hide stuff in/under. I have found one nice switch actually, I believe from Pingel but it is $$$$$. Anyway, found this sweet...
  15. mattness

    sweet deal on a VTX1800, only 6 miles, 5 thousand dollars!!

    an oldy but a goody
  16. max_caper

    Sweet beginner bike

    Not sure if this is the right category but here goes. My "wife" bought a Honda Rebel 2 years ago. She did not like the lack of acceleration and she didn't like feet-forward position of the pegs on the Rebel. She used to say, "I wish the Rebel pegs were placed the same as the VMax pegs. That...
  17. Jaoteay

    Sweet Red connectors

    I saw a pic of somebody's 2006 bike here where they had red wires/connectors/tubing ?? running through their bike to replace the black ones. Anyone know who's it is and which wires they replaced? (and cost would be nice too) Thanks!
  18. ZRX/V-MAX

    Here is a sweet naked I wish Yamaha would send here!

    I think it's Europe only
  19. R

    Sweet New Carrozzeria Wheels VMAX

    Oh My, have you guys seen the New VMAX Wheels from Carrozzeria? I'm thinking about getting a set, thoughts? http://www.forged-wheel.com/