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  1. timscues


    I need a tach cluster for my '92 are they all interchangable?
  2. S

    Tach cluster cover

    I seen awhile back someone had custom made tach instrument covers for sale, I am looking for them...thanks
  3. Zeus36

    External Tach for tuning?

    I switched from the stock silver face instrument dash to an OEM dark face one. The replacment tach shows 500-600 RPM while the old one showed 1000. So I don't know if the original or the replacement OEM tach is correct. Does anyone use another temporary tach for tuning? Also, is there a...
  4. T

    Where is that RPM Tach output signal

    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and bought a 2000 vmax 1200 in may. Have already done some modifications and I am currently adding a digital speedo with tach. I am trying to locate the “Tach Output” or “RPM Signal Output” on the max for the Signal input for the new digital speedo with...
  5. Lotsokids

    Chinese Tach / Speedo / Shift Light $42

    What do y'all think about this? I know generally you get what you pay for. This unit has everything in a nice heads-up package, how our first gen V-Max should have been designed (in my opinion). Maybe a pain to install and set up, but it looks very practical. Even a gear indicator! Tach /...
  6. frank5079

    Can you guys identify this speedo and tach?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1To9EwSIDE I like that!!!
  7. D

    aftermarket speedo and tach setups

    Anybody think I could make this setup look right on the bike with a complete R1 front end? I'm just looking for ideas and I really like this type of speedo but not sure how I could install to give it a good look. Any thoughts would be awesome or show me what you put together...
  8. 8

    Radiator fan and tach issue.

    Early this summer I was well on my way to working lots of bugs out of my 86 v max. Carbs rebuilt. Exhaust change. Plug wires. Etc.. Had it running wonderfull. Was on my way to tackle the 'Hot Start" Problem. Then the voltage regulator fried. No big deal but got busy with other things an put the...
  9. M

    Koso Analog Tach with water Temp problems.

    98 MAX here. I put a Koso tach on, and I used the Grey wire from the OEM lead. I'm having trouble getting the tach set right. At idle, my clip on tach on a cylinder lead shows 1230 rpms. With the koso set for a 4 stroke 4 piston, the needle is all over the place. Same thing happens when I set...
  10. S

    Bike sputters and loses tach

    I have a 1985 Yamaha Vmax with Dale Walker exhaust.Got it from a good friend that was on here lots.He got the jetting all figured out from you guys on here and wanted me too have the bike. (he is no longer with us).This is my 4th Vmax.I need some help.When the bike is cold it runs fine,but as...
  11. tugla

    Gen 2 tach mod

    Anyone know or try to fit a gen 2 tach onto the gen 1 ???? Wonder if its computer controlled or old school three wires that can be set up to work on the gen 1...:punk:
  12. S

    Negative Tach Feed?

    I have a koso knock off speedo/tach that has a negative tach feed. Is there any where I can wire it in to make it work? :ummm:
  13. vmaxbx

    runs on 2 cyls @ low revs/idle; tach goes dead.

    just started running on 2 cylinders when at idle, and tach goes dead. I twist the throttle ever so slightly, and I can feel when all 4 cylinders start firing at about 1150 rpm, and the tach simultaneously jumps to life. very hard to start now, if it'll start at all. when I do get it to start, I...
  14. R

    Tach inop after COPs mod!!

    Here's what I have, 1997 Max, stock cdi, I used early 2000's r6 coils (mitsubishi). I did the rear COPs first, started the bike to make sure it all worked, and it runs fine. But I have no tach reading. Then I did the front two COPs, and still no tach reading. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  15. C

    speedo tach combo

    I am looking for a speedometer tach combo for my 2004 max I did see one somewhere but cant remember it was a rectangular shape Help
  16. C

    Shift Light and Tach setups and aftermarket ignitions

    Looking to add a shift light and possibly a small tach next to my speedo. For sure a shift light. I don't really see that much of a need for a tach if I have the shift light really. Something that will bolt on to a completely stock ignition and then to an upgraded ignition. With that...
  17. bikedave99

    Aftermarket Tach Mounting?

    How are you guys mounting you aftermarket tachs? I have a small one i'm looking to mount alongside the stock speedo and am looking for ideas. Seems like some folks talk about just mounting it to the speedo bucket but not sure how to do that with out cracking plastic.
  18. K

    Tach needle

    Would anyone have a spare tach / tach needle that they would be willing to part with? My wife broke here while changing her lights over to LED's. (Don't ask).:ummm:
  19. misiek93

    KOSO DL Tach wiring question

    I recently bought one of the KOSO DL Tachometers, installed it on the bike, wired the signal wire to no.1 cylinder, started it up and all was working fine. I took it for a 20 min test ride and the tach worked fine for about 10 min. Then the RPM display went to 0 and wouldn't move. It would...
  20. R


    Hi .I was wondering how I can rig sun pro tachometer or abigger tach to my v max.Thanks.