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  1. Fire-medic

    where's Dave from Tampa disappeared to?

    Anyone seen or heard from SpecOps13 (Dave) from Tampa Florida? He used-to contribute quite a bit but I haven't seen any posts by him this year. Hope he's OK.
  2. CrackerRican

    1985 $1650, Tampa

    https://tampa.craigslist.org/hil/mcy/4987026398.html Might be a low production #
  3. CaptainKyle

    89 Max Tampa

    1989Vmax 34,000 Miles It runs great & rides fine but has a rattle in 2nd gear does not pop out of gear at all just rattles. Good project for some one it was spray painted so does not look great & needs some cleaning. Has brand new front & rear rotors, new pads, New fork seals, New air filter ...
  4. tothemax93

    theater shooting near tampa

    This is about ten miles from my moms house in FL. Retired cop shot a guy in the theater. The whole arguement was over texting in the theater. The cop asked him 3 times to stop. Then the cop went out and told the manager. When the cop came back the texter was angry about it and confronted the...
  5. woodsman30

    off to tampa bay

    Yeah a much needed vacation time. off to florida only thing that sucks is no bike:confused2:
  6. J

    Rider down in Tampa...

    kid may make it but hes busted up bad... gf was sitting at a light next to a kid at abt 330 this afternoon and a white mid 90s Ford Explorer with a big Bucs sticker on the back ran him over while he was waiting for the light to change AND KEPT ON GOING. Kids forearm bone was sticking out and...
  7. Fire-medic

    Something our man in Tampa doesn't have

    http://videos2view.net/texas-light.htm#.TpjYMP3QiMM.aolmail More than it looks! Hi Dave! Kinda like an MP5
  8. CaptainKyle

    Tampa Toy run

    Well its a little late posting but this is a nice toy run I am heading on tomorrow Brett& Tracy are going to. http://www.borntoride.com/fl/events.html
  9. one2dmax

    More Tampa Area Info

    Since this reminded me of a place my mom/dad own in Brandon (Tampa area) I thought I would post up some info. They have an apartment there they need to find a renter for. Anyone looking for a single bedroom place in a nice complex please shoot me an email and i'll get you in contact with them...
  10. tothemax93

    Tampa Guys

    I'm headed your way tomorrow. I'm driving a guys car down again this year. Gonna have the same problem as last year. Once I get there (zephyrhills) I won't have any wheels. I'll be there from tuesday afternoon until Saturday morning. If I can figure a way around when I'm there, I'll get in...
  11. F


    Alright, there is a good chance I will be driving down to Tampa the week of the 15th. (Well more of Pinellas then Tampa but close enough) and would love to meet up shoot the shit/ride pick the brain of who ever is in the area. Talk to you soon!
  12. tothemax93

    Attn: Tampa area Vmaxers

    I'm heading your way on Dec 10th. I'm driving a car down to Zephyrhills for a guy from here (Buffalo). I'm not sure of the length of time I'll be there, because of work, but If I get a few days, it would be fun to meet some of you guys. My mom has a place in Zephyrhills also. Tim
  13. M

    ANYONE in the Tampa area want to Ride with me B4 I sell My bike

    BIke is listed on ebay, I'd like to ride it one last time. email me [email protected]