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  1. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  2. N

    Moving the tank under the cover?

    Hi everyone, just new in here. I still haven't received my 1st Vmax (it should be home next week) and I'm already thinking about possible mods. It will be a Canadian 1st gen in black, 26k miles, piggyback ohlins and a modified rear wheel profile I've always wondered if there's a way to move...
  3. speedcostsmoney


    from what motorcycle does this tank come from any ideas
  4. texas-ss-tornado

    WTB 1st gen faux tank cover in black

    Looking for a 1st gen faux tank cover in GLOSS BLACK! Must be in great condition, no dents, dings or major scratches! :punk:
  5. S

    1989 air box cover, tank

    Hi: I need an 89 or so air box cover with readable emissions decal. Mine is fine, just no decals. I dont care, crushed, or what, I need the epa sticker. If someone has a good one, fine, I will pay what it takes, but the one I have is in good shape. I think any year from about 85 to mid 90's...
  6. B

    Larger fuel tank under seat

    I’m looking to get one. I feel its necessary for my wife and I when we go out west on the bike. Do u have one?Quality? Do you recommend? Where did u purchase yours. Thanks for ur input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. D-Max2012

    Sealed Gen1 Fuel Tank

    Sealed Gen1 Gas Tank with KBS Gold Tank Sealer. Kill carb problems and rust, at the source. All the hard work and time is done for you. $160.00 buyer pays shipping. Cont. US Only. ; ; ;; ; ;
  8. K

    Fuel tank CLEAN!

    Complete fuel tank minus cap. Tried to get picture of inside but couldn't get very well. I've never had issues with any rust or anything like that. $160 shipped Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. nighthawk s

    Gas tank

    I have the rusty vmax gas tank that needs delt with. I know several members on here have delt with this in the past. just wondering what is the best way to take care of this. has anyone used the plastic tanks ? they are larger 5.3 us gallons. I want to do this job the right way the first time...
  10. Eugene Brad

    Tank art

    Dude finally got going on the artwork. he cut a tendon in his hand and was down for like four months. I'm really happy so far. As he adds more color and detail it really starts taking shape. Sent from my SM-G360V using Tapatalk
  11. C

    Gas tank removal

    Have discovered my gas tank has evidence of rust / crud in it so partial explanation of current rough running condition after major carb rebuild. Guessing that means gas tank removal. If I'm going to get to that stage is there a process for coating that members have had significant luck with...
  12. S

    Fuel tank not venting...

    My Vmax (2005) keeps stalling about 7 miles after a fill up. I might be overfilling the tank, and plugging the fuel tank vent line. I disconnected the vent tube, and could barely blow through it. Is the gas cap supposed to also be venting? After I stopped (it's happened twice now) and took off...
  13. S

    Rider backrest/fuel tank cover

    Hi everybody, I just joined the forum. I bought a used 2006 V-Max and the rider backrest that flips forward to uncover the fuel cap is cracked. If anyone has one that they can part with, please send me a PM. I could also use the springs that attach it to the main seat - mine are bent (more...
  14. 93max

    Going to try 87 this tank

    Well the fuel lights on and rode on reserve for a tiny bit so after reading that 87 is the way to go I'm going to try it. When I was doing the shotgun I had my son read the fake tank lid and he said I "think" 91 octane or higher. I'm at work but will look again this afternoon to recheck it...
  15. Fire-medic

    off the bike gas tank for tuning

    I had a small polyethylene gas tank from a Briggs & Stratton John Deere riding lawnmower that I decided to make into an auxiliary gas tank for work as needed. I got a couple of hose clamps, big ones, and some GB electrical insulated clamps to make eyelets on top of the tank. Then I used some...
  16. D-Max2012

    KBS Sealed Gen1 Tank 4 Sale

    Sealed Gen1 Gas Tank with KBS 3 step system. $250.00 buyer pays shipping. Cont. US Only.
  17. R

    fake tank cover

    looking to buy a good false tank cover for my 2005 anniversary model (dark Red metallic) V-Max. mine has a dent right where the star emblem is on the right side. Cant be fixed. I am looking for one that is in excellent condition. My bike is super clean and i would like to keep it that way. If...
  18. CaptainKyle

    Fresh sealed gen 1 tank -SOLD-

    Gen 1 tank fresh sealed with KBS tank sealer $ 125 plus shipping & paypal fees. Please email instead of pm [email protected]
  19. K

    Exactrep selling 20.5 ltr tank

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but they are selling a new tank that looks like you dont have do too much modding to get the extra 5.5 ltrs. $550 http://exactrep.com/acatalog/touring.html

    97 vmax top cover / faux gas tank correct emblem size ??

    My vmax came without tank emblems and i want to order the correct original size 30-40 mm ? 30mm seems too small 40mm is the better of whats offered 30-55 mm.