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  1. V

    Is there any muffler to replace the UFO megaphone?

    Hello Guys I am looking for a replacement. I would love it if I lived at the track. I am just worried about bothering my neighbors and being pulled over by the cops while trying to have fun. Dont get me wrong it sounds good, but I dont want to push my will on others.
  2. H

    does anyone have info on UFO Fuel Programmer

    hello everyone I just became the new owner of a 2011 Matte Black Max. It has the UFO fuel programmer installed. The bike did not come with any info on it, and I don't want to start pressing buttons without knowing how the programmer works if any of you guys have the data on this unit , I...
  3. O

    ufo fuel maps 2010 vmax - stalling

    My 2010 vmax was running rich when I bought it with 2000 miles. it started to bog down and now stalls unless I rev engine at a stop I will bring it in to a dealer but don't want to buy a new fuel system if they don't have the maps. does anyone know where I can get the maps. its a 4 into 1...
  4. The Beekeeper

    Gen 1 UFO clear clutch cover

    I purchaced a used engine off a wrecked Max a while ago, it had the UFO clear clutch cover and Barnett clutch assy, I will not be using these parts and am offering up everything for $200 + whatever shipping will be from West Mi, you are welcome to pick up in person if desired, cover is clean and...
  5. M

    UFO Megaphones

    Does anyone have UFO (or new mfg. name) megaphones for sale? I have the UFO slashcuts on the 4 into 2 and it's just too harsh for me. I even ordered the quiet baffles and just can't do it. I don't want to go back to stock pipes so I'd like to see if the Megs are quieter. Thanks!
  6. D

    Ufo 4 into 2 way to loud

    Just wondering if anybody has done anything to get the noise levels down some. Different baffles?
  7. blyoth

    UFO Quadzilla full exhaust system -SOLD-

    I bought a 2004 VMax with just over 2000 original miles. It had this UFO system on it and I was told this is the only bike it has ever been on. I did not notice any dents or dings. I did see some minor scratches. It is a sweet sounding system but I will warn you that it is plenty loud. If loud...
  8. S

    Best rear tyre for 17" UFO wheel

    The 200/50 shinko is too wide. Looking for who's used what on this wheel. Thanks
  9. CustomMax

    UFO auction

    Does anyone have any info on what happened at the UFO auction? I know Sean Morley bought Jons 8 second record setting VMax (which I'm sure Jon is turning in his grave over that one!) but who better to have it now than his rival and nemesis in business but both had a common love for the same...
  10. Cobbler73

    UFO Exhaust tip size?

    I have UFO with 4 megaphones. It seems a bit loud with the 2 1/2" tips. If I switch to the 1 1/2" tips would it make any difference in jetting or performance? I would imagine the four small tips would outflow the engine anyway. I wonder about the 2 1/2 inch core slamming into the 1 1/2" opening...
  11. Cobbler73

    UFO 4-2-4 on 2006

    I just bought myself an 06 Max with only 3600 miles on it with a bunch of aftermarket goodies. My question is it has UFO exhaust that expands back from the 2 to 1 collector under bike to 2 megaphone cans. It is crazy loud!! Does anybody else have something like this? Are there smaller aluminum...
  12. CaptainKyle

    UFO Auction

  13. Shredder

    Ufo megaphone slip ons black

    I seriously just got home from buying these from a guy and didnt realize they wont fit on my stock headers They are ia great shape. Pretty much brand new. Packing is like new. I paid 100$ for them. So 100$ plus shipping or trade for a nice ser of supertrapps
  14. blaxmax

    UFO now Star Rider Performance

    Looks like Mike Lees has opened it up. http://starriderperformance.com/
  15. S

    Centreing my UFO wheel

    Ok..so problem is wheel is 10mm to left which although considered normal on a max seems very odd to my mind. So after researching this and investigating the wheel I've worked out the following. Swingarm diameter where shaft goes is 61mm OD. Allowing even 3mm wall this leaves 55mm. Shaft is...
  16. C

    99 VMAX VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit

    1999 VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit The color in the pictures does not represent the real color. The last pic is the closest match, it is candy apple red. Very fast bike, with the UFO modifications you get the performance that the VBoost provide throughout the...
  17. S

    Putting UFO wheels on a diet.

    I've always hated the weight of the Maxdaddy wheels from UFO. I had no idea how heavy they were until they arrived. So, to date I've tracked down (with help from Sean) the supplier of the roto forged blanks and the company that machined them. I've also found a company local to me in Brisbane...
  18. N

    Rejetting required with UFO exhaust?

    Hello! As the title says I am wondering if I have to install a stage 7 kit when replacing my exhaust with a full UFO exhaust with the megaphone cans. It is a 1985 full power Canadian version. I pulls like crazy.. I think the carbs are all stock (how can I find out btw? measure the jets?)...
  19. S

    UFO Wheels

    Quick question..... Are the maxdaddy wheels spun forged or 100% billet ? I ask as I am looking into getting them machined to lose some of the weight (heavier than stock).
  20. G

    UFO Performance Products

    Had a wee look again on UFO website....they posted that they are saddened to announce to UFO Performance Products has closed........... Bad news for all concerned.