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  1. T

    uk spec calipers on us spec bike?

    HI The piston seals on the front brakes of my 98 US spec vmax all need replacing. They are different to the uk calipers and I was quoted £132 for the seals from Yamaha ! Was wondering if uk spec calipers are a straight replacement or do I need to suck up the postage charges of usa ebay?
  2. V

    G Reg UK Vmax Gen 1 for sale

    V Max full power 1988/9 spec colour red, in excellent condition and very low mileage (8332). Serviced and maintained including front brake calipers and carbs ultrasonically cleaned..New seals for front brakes and new Diaphragms for carbs along with Clutch slave and master cylinders seals...
  3. E

    UK website - Vmax restoration

    Hi all, sorry if this has been posted previously, but i stumbled upon this following site. might be useful for someone? all the best Eoghan
  4. T

    (UK) 1997 Full Power VMax -SOLD-

    Much loved full-power 1997 Vmax 1200 – Selling to fund new project (another VMax!). It's a great looking bike and has been incredibly reliable. This bike is an absolute hoot to ride and, thanks to the chassis upgrades, handles very, very well. It has the greatest road-presence out of any...
  5. T

    UK - Mad Max Enterprises Turbocharger -SOLD-

    This draw-thru turbo kit is an absolutely stunning piece of equipment with classic, old-school engineering. Looking for £2750 but will accept a good offer on it. Happy to post anywhere at cost, but this item is large and heavy. Can deliver if you're anywhere near Sheffield, UK, or you can...
  6. T

    UK - Complete Barnett set, standard clutch springs, forks, yokes, scoops etc etc.

    Happy to post all these at cost UK or abroad. More, higher-res pics here: Make me an offer on any of the below... Scoops: These have been "de-badged" as the yoofs say nowadays. They've been sprayed black but could do with a respray or a touch up. 40mm...
  7. G

    Ufo uk

    Love the UFO merchandise but wish they had a UK based supplier / distributor . :bang head:
  8. marsmax85

    shipping to the UK

    How long should it take for a box containing a gen II rear stiletto to make to the Uk . It was sent the cheaper way usps . :bang head: Thanks Jamie (Mars)
  9. SneakyPete

    VMax 1999 Carbon for sale UK

    Sadly, I need to part with my lovely VMax. It's a 1999 Full Power, Carbon Black in perfect condition. I need to finance a bike project and so it has to go. There is a FaceBook page dedicated to the Bike - check out the pics...
  10. SneakyPete

    1999 Carbon Full Power For Sale UK

    My beloved VMax is up for grabs. Need cash for new project - really DON'T wanna sell it but there is no other way! Bike is near Buckingham UK, is a real minter with fab Delkevic stainless exhaust, you can see (and hear) the bike on it's own FaceBook page...
  11. Fire-medic

    Evel Knievel jumping buses at Wembley Stadium UK 1975 Be sure to listen to the Walter Cronkite narrative about the stunt. The undertone sound heard when showing his landing, beginning at ~1:12 sec., and which sounds like a tachycardic heart rate, is a nice touch.
  12. WonkoTheSane

    Bad rectifier? Replacement options in the UK?

    I just replaced my bulging battery, and she coughed straight back into life. However, checking the voltage across the terminals while idling at around 1000rpm, it was around 15V, jumping to 17V if I increased the revs. So the R/R is cooked, I think? Looking at options in the UK...
  13. Kronx

    Road Rage in the UK

    They sure do handle road rage a lot differently across the pond than here in the United States. Lots of foul language... watch it to the end.
  14. Evil-Seed

    UK Exhaust

    I would like to get this exhaust.... Only problem, it's from the UK. Wonder if One2Dmax could fab something up. The guy that made this is Dave Leonard. I googled the name but only found Taylormade Wheels.
  15. Fire-medic

    UK Ghost Rider article

    IN his latest film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, star Nicolas Cage gets to play both aspects of the character - renowned stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze and his flame-skulled alter-ego astride a bike engulfed by hellfire. In the original 2007 film, the Ghost Rider was played by a number of...
  16. davidon

    UK members.. may need assistance

    Need to check if these guys are still in business and if they still have these pads. IF yes I may need a UK address to have them mailed to and then foward to me. Can work out details if these are available. These...
  17. R

    Hi from Uk

    Hi guys, Just posting to say Hi, collected my VMax yesterday, ( my first - been a long time waiting), a 2006 with tribal paint, low miles and as new almost. Becomes a garage brother to my GSX 1400. Been trying to upload a sig pic (usuccessfully), somebody once told me everything was easier with...
  18. Diablotin

    Another bodywork seller in UK I thought some guys might like something different from the usual seller.
  19. run990

    rattymax great uk seller

    i needed a set of radiator side covers & here in the uk everyone was asking ?50.00 pounds uk money.found rattymax ebay store ,asked if he had any useable covers in ,he sells refurbed items in his ebay store.he sent me pictures of various covers with minor scuffs etc ,i picked a pair & he quoted...
  20. rebar

    Cashiers check from the UK?

    Trying to figure out the cheapest way to receive payment from the UK. The shipping for a 12x12x6 box is $60 and Im not paying the western union crooks. Can I cash a cashiers or personal check in UK pounds at my local bank?:confused2: