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  1. dannymax

    Cosby's unique new defense

    Reportedly Cosby's eyesight has deteriorated to the point that he can no longer identify his accusers. Does this mean the case has to be thrown out cuz he is unable to 'confront his accusers'? Without a doubt Cosby's best acting....ever!
  2. Biker Dash

    This is a unique V-max!

    Just... WOW!!!
  3. F

    Unique Helmets

    So I was wondering if there are any unique helmets that are good quality and that are DOT certified. The Majoirty of helmets I have seen all seem pretty cooky-cutter to me. I am not trying to stand out with anything too crazy, but I am wanting something a bit diffrent. For example, these two...
  4. kozy

    Unique limousines in Indianapolis

    Does anyone here know of any limo companies in Indy that have unique stretch limos? Planning a bachelor party and trying to find something out of the ordinary for 14 guys. Everyone seems to have the usual Excursion, Hummer, party bus, etc. I cant find anything cool like a Vette, Bentley, or...
  5. MagnaVMax

    Tank Mod! Unique!

    A little surprise my friend did for me. Was extremely pleased with how it turned out. What do you guys think? The cap came from an old war plane. It used to have a concave shape to it to fit on the bird, so he was only able to flatten it out so much. I just need to find a rubber piece or...
  6. RaWarrior

    Unique and unusual engines

    In a fit of boredom and jumping around Wikipedia, I've discovered a lot of strange types of engines that have been developed over the years that I had never even heard of. Ever hear of a "split single"? Me neither. A two stroke "twin" that uses one cylinder to charge the other...
  7. outlaws justice

    Unique Mod Pictures

    Ok, A few pictures of some of the different mods. First are a couple pictures of the clutch lever with the bearing inserted. Details on this can be found in the V-Boost Magazine. Second are a couple pictures of the Aluminum Teather (Dead Man Switch) I just removed it from the 95 and have...
  8. outlaws justice

    Unique Mods

    I have some of the usual mods, fork brace, frame braces, back rest Etc. but I also have a couple that are more uncommon. First Rear marker Lights. Due to lack of visability especially riding in the rain, I took a set of front signals and installed them in place of the rear lights. Wired into...