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    Is there a version of user guide that is printable

    I know there have been links for the different manuals, user guide,service manual and Parts Catalog. Is there a version of the user guide that is printable ?
  2. 88vmx12

    COP's user pics

    Ok I know I have asked in the past, but please send me your bike pics if you want it on my website. I want to put first name and the state where you live. I have a preliminary website now from the web builder. Please send the pictures in a common file that can be opened...
  3. Noxx72

    Maxgasser user photos

    Better late than never, some photos of my new MaxGasser, already has a couple thousand miles on it. In a nutshell, could use some tweaking for fatass / solo riders. Still the best thing since sliced bread and strippers. Worth every dime.
  4. Noxx72

    New user intro

    After 20 years of lusting after one, I finally picked up my first Max, a 2001, last night. Just wanted to drop in and say hello to my fellow nutjobs before I go spend the day accessory shopping, need new fork springs, mirrors, a better saddle (I shot off an e-mail to Morley already) flux...
  5. joelyons50023

    User controles advance

    Any body know of a way to be able to control the advance with a switch or something like that?
  6. 4gasem

    What does your user name mean??

    Ok folks I did a search to see if a thread already existed, but I didn't see one so here goes... As the title says... What does your user name mean or stand for???:ummm: I'll go first. 4gasem is something I got off of a Car and Driver magazine from years past when they were comparing 3 or...
  7. Robbarrie

    Mikemax #1 poster of User Mods.

    Mikemax; I don't mean to center you out. But I just can't help but say that your kicking butt in the User Mods section. Congrats! To the others who have posted - Thank you. I hope to post a few myself, I know there is lots of guys out there who have done allot to their bikes. No two...