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  1. tothemax93

    Honda V65

    This is for Tex. I'm not good at throwing numbers at people. https://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/5389042560.html
  2. Falaholic

    What can y'all tell me about the V65 Magna

    Wanted to see what you guys have to say about the V65. What year(s) are the best. Power, handling, performance, maintenance, mods, etc?
  3. tothemax93

    86 V65 Magna

    Not mine. No pics, but I contacted the guy for pics and info. If its clean, $2000 seems good. Plus it says "or best offer" http://buffalo.craigslist.org/mcy/4330127221.html
  4. C

    Zl1000 Eliminator Vs V65 Vs Vmax Gen 1

    Ok there is a local one for sale. I know I just sold my bikes, and I am looking at bike day dreaming. I ve seen a couple 1000's for sale, I understand they are rare only being produced in 87 and 88. And this one is clean. $3000. Just got me thinking. You always hear about the ZL900 and...
  5. KJShover

    V65 shopped

    I had some down time, so I started playing with a picture of a V65. Its a work in progress, but here is my take on a hot rod v65.
  6. a113ycat

    V65 Monstrocity

    Ummm I am at a loss with the thought process that went into this bike but I know Texas-SS-Tornado likes these things maybe Im over looking something...We should have a WTF were they thinking thread!!!:rofl_200::rofl_200: http://austin.craigslist.org/mcy/3135745493.html
  7. Rusty McNeil

    V65 Magna-deal or not??

    While driving around in Bakersfield today looking for an electrical supply house I spotted this at a shop sitting out front. It's absolutely pristine and looks bonestock and perfect cosmetic condition, I think it has 12,000 miles on it. All the plastic and fake chrome looks like new, but...
  8. S


    I think I'm going to pull the trigger on an 86 v65 magna this weekend. under 15k and in frickin GREAT shape, Iv'e always wanted one. I'll put it in the stable with my 85 max and maybe just maybe,???? wouldn't that be a nasty little mutt..lol.. Shorthair............. P.S. The V65 held...
  9. O

    How does a VMAX compare to a V65 Sabre?

    My ZX-9R just isn't comfortable enough for me to go riding long distances with the wife. I've been thinking for a while about getting a different bike. I've gradually narrowed down what I am interested in. Today, I went and rode the Harley VROD at "Demo Days". It was terrible - I was thinking it...
  10. richwrench

    V65 Sabre Clutch

    I know I'll get flamed for asking a Honda question, but that's OK. I've read other posts re: v65's so I know some members here are familiar with them. My buddy is restoring an '85 Sabre & has to bleed the clutch every 40 miles - already rebuilt the master (aftermarket seals) & replaced the...
  11. Shuriken

    Yamaha VMax vs Honda V-65 vs Suzuki Madura....

    Back in the day when my 85 Max was prowling around, there were also 2 other super cruisers that I am aware of - the Honda V-65 and the Suzuki GV1200GL "Madura". I had never heard of a Madura until 2 years ago when a work buddy of mine began bragging of how fast his old Suzuki was. I looked it up...
  12. clintard

    84 Honda Magna V65 Parts For Sale

    Hey guys, I bought an 84 honda magna v65 like 2 years ago to part out. I never have got around to it being busy so its been buried in the garage. My buddy is an ebay power seller so i told him id give him 20% to list it for me since im never home long enough to do it. Anyways, if any of...
  13. markmax

    1984 honda v-65 magna

    Saw this on craigslist. I've seen a few people talk about them so I thought I put this up. http://albuquerque.craigslist.org/mcy/205010952.html