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  1. stevevmax69


    IT IS OFFICIAL... THE ROOM RATES FOR THUNDER HAVE BEEN SET!. It was a lot of back and forth and more, over the past several weeks, but my continued efforts have paid off. I've been working directly with the hotel owner to discuss and plan everything. He has agreed to the very fair rate of only...
  2. B

    Motorcycle Wanted Wtb gen 2 VMax

    Been searching for a low mileage Gen2 for a while now. I want to purchase from a vmax owner, not a dealer or flipper. Partial to 2018-2020 but open to other years. I am ready to purchase now if the right bike is out there.
  3. tina vaako

    Vmax font/script

    Hi I am trying to make a cool gift for my bonus dad that own a Vmax so I have been thinking about making some merch with his nick name on it and I want it to be in vmax font/script. I downloaded a link I found on this page but they only made v,m,a,x inn "vmax" font/script not the whole alphabet...
  4. 1986davester2010

    Just signed up from Ohio

    I was a member years ago on here but changed my email and all that.I’ve owned my 1986 Vmax since 2008 and last July I flew out to Iowa to buy my 2010 on the 4th of July and rode it 640 miles home.the seller was the original owner and had bought it in 2016 still in its crate and he owned it for 5...
  5. D

    2000 VMax Breather Pipe Issue

    Hello I have an issue where the breather pipe that is located in the sump (see photos) does not align with the hole. If put in on the o ring side it does not fit as it doesn’t reach, the other way around and it would need a spacer for the bolt but that seems wrong? Ordered a new pipe and it...
  6. Denci

    Parts Wanted Looking for COPs setup

    Hey guys I am looking for a set of COPs, My bike is a 1998 so my understanding is I don't need to run resisters. If anyone has a set please let me know. Also I would prefer Denso over Mitsubishi. I have a slight stumble when I punch it. It doesn't happen if I am just rolling on the throttle just...
  7. T

    Vmax 1200 cc 2001 bad earth connection

    Thanks to everyone that contributed to other thread i created about having hot start issue with my vmax Vmax first Gen hot start issue. After going through the tips on the thread, someone suggested most likely the issue is due to bad earthing. I took a look at the bike by removing the seat and...
  8. vmaxlinedrawing.jpg


    Vmax line drawing gen 1 VMX1200
  9. Bradley Dunagan

    Ignition Pickup Coil

    I had a post a while back with questions about this same issue With no response. I hope this one does better. Has anyone ever had their ignition pickup coil fail? If so can it cause misfire like running off timing or does it just stop working altogether? I’m rebuilding the carbs for the third...
  10. Matt murphy

    Gen 2 parts for sale

    Have some parts for sale if anyone's interested, all oem See pictures, have some other parts aswell, driver's seat, air scoops, brake light, head light, decat pipes(delkivic), new master cylinder, pm what you need, I might have.
  11. D

    2003 yamaha vmax 1200 for sale

    2003 yamaha vmax 1200 for sale in nw Iowa. Engine was built by Sean Morley and completely rebuilt with new bearings rings and seals and a heavy duty overdriven oil pump. The transmission was rebuilt with hardened and undercut gears and a 5th gear overdrive was added for low rpm highway cruising...
  12. S

    2003 YAMAHA VMAX 1200cc for Sale

    2003 YAMAHA VMAX 1200. Runs great. Truly a beast of a motorcycle. Has a couple of scratches here and there but in great shape for its age. 1200 cc Carbureted Liquid Cooled 10,709 miles (will increase as I ride) I had a complete check over with oil change and coolant flush two years ago at a...
  13. F

    1988 vmax purchase

    Hello, gang. I've always wanted me a vmax and I'm really considering grabbing this 1988 vmax since it's finally one I can reasonably get my hands on atm. I'll look it over as best I can, of course, but I'm wondering if some of you more experienced folks have some specific things I ought to look...
  14. O

    2009 VMX17 Sale or Trade

    Very clean 2009 VMX17 VMax. It's a little heavier than I prefer, though I quite like the upright riding posture and the MONSTER motor (easily the most powerful I've had in 50+ years of extensive trading/riding). No known issues, always garage kept, good tires (rear almost brand new)/fresh fully...
  15. O

    Very clean modded 2009 Gen 2

    Contemplating selling or trading this very clean 2009 VMX17 VMax (I trade bikes a LOT \;-). It's a bit heavier than I prefer, though I quite like the upright riding posture and the MONSTER motor (easily the most powerful I've had in 50+ years of extensive trading/riding). No known issues, always...
  16. woodsyv12

    Fat Max 1200

    1200 Vmax. 1998 full power. This bike has been built to be a Vmax on steroids, still looks like a vmax but bigger everywhere, not the normal street fighter wanna be Vmax. It rides and handles pretty well, I'm 5'9 and it fits me just fine, it's just not practical for me and the missus to go...
  17. S

    Front Fork Care

    Hi all, As winter ebbs and spring approaches, I cannot but help notice the toil the years past has taken on my ‘88 VMAX. The from the forks are pitting - she’s spent last 2- months in the garage because of personal issues but previously was washed and cleaned weekly. Any recommendations for...
  18. Q

    Vmax Backrest

    I have an OEM backrest and pad for sale in great shape that was occasionally used on my 1985. $295 shipped from 40014 to the lower 48. Make sure to email me. I did not see the requests on the forum.
  19. D

    I'm dying over here.

    Hello, everyone! Jon here. I have a 2007 vmax with 17,xxx miles. She ran really well until a few weeks ago. So here's what happened: my buddy rode my vmax around. (Nothing crazy, I rode next to him on his bike. He rode it just fine). So, we're in traffic for about a minute and the bike shuts...
  20. H

    Valve clearence kit

    Hello friends!! Guys, i need to know how i can get valve clearance kit to work on my vmax because i think my engine has some valve without the correct clearance. The biggest problems is that im in Brazil and this is my "Big Yellow" 94 vmax! Thank you for your help!!!