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  1. vwaxxed

    Racing a VROD this weekend

    Local guy I know with a newer night rod edition VROD finally agreed to race me tomorrow. He's a good guy and it's all fun and games, but he has been talking crap and trying to push my buttons for the last 2 years so I'm pretty excited about this one lol. Videos to come later.
  2. Itgoes

    Barber Motorsports Vintage Weekend

    Was at this event on Friday and Saturday. It was my second time there. It's now the biggest event of this type in the world. Thankfully, it is very well organized and the grounds are plenty big enough (740 acres) to handle the 10's of thousands that attend ...
  3. Kronx

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Thanks to all those on the boards who have served and/or who have family who have served and are serving their respective countries. I offer my sincere gratitude for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty. This weekend I will be spending the majority of it reflecting on the...
  4. Falaholic

    Stewart Airshow This Weekend - 11/4/16 - 11/6/16 Anyone Going?

    Wanted to see if anyone is going, and if they are planning on riding up from South Florida.
  5. T

    Our weekend ride

    Just a few guys and I doing a few rides a year. Wanted to share. https://goo.gl/photos/sgKkwDuvvp7p2GHi6
  6. J

    weekend ride & racing

    There were 8 of us on various bikes that went on a 5 hour ride this weekend. I was surprised that I got the best gas millage. I figured I would have gotten the worst......go figure. My son rode my Indian cheiften . After the ride he bought it from me !! He absolutely loved it. I found it way...
  7. BorgBiker

    Weekend Ride

    This weekend I went for a ride out to the Rock Store (in Cornell, Ca), riding along the Mulholland Highway all the way there, and back. It's not a particularly long ride - maybe 25 miles round trip, but some sections are nice and twisty. It's not a place for testing your limits, as there are...
  8. C

    Long wet ride this weekend.

    In typical Todd fashion, I had the bike apart before I left. If was getting new tires, new brakes, and a few fixes on it before I left. My shorai battery took a shit and burnt up on me. Luckily I had the last battery that was in there and was able to put it back in and it was ready to...
  9. C

    Lapeer and Martin Dragway open this weekend

    Not heading out, too sick and need to get tires on my bike still. Thought about taking the gtp out for a few passes...
  10. R

    May 15-17 weekend

    Will any vmaxers be attending the blessing of the bikes in Baldwin this year?
  11. D

    Marathon Dyno Weekend

    First let me say Gary/Dingy sorry I missed you on Friday would have been great to finally meet you in person, my work schedule just wouldn't allow me to attend Friday. What we had were some V-maxer's from Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, & Ohio with a flavor of both gen-1 & gen-2 bikes and free open...
  12. J

    OMG, what a great riding 4th of July weekend riding.

    Perfect weather. Perfect temps. Perfect roads. And the best of all: Perfect riding partner. We base camped out of the KOA in Eureka Springs like we've done many times before. We explored slightly different routes both Fri and Sat this year though. Friday we went all the way down AR 23...
  13. 9.nub

    2014 Warriors' Weekend

    Last friday I picked up a few friends and headed south to Hillje, TX to welcome the First wave of Warriors. Info about the weekend can be found at http://warriorsweekend.org. I knew I'd see at least one other Max since it joined me for the trip down, but was pleased to find one more nicely set...
  14. old timer

    New England ride this week-end ?

    Psych...Just want to see if anyone's paying attention...:rofl_200:
  15. Kronx

    Serious pucker factor this weekend...

    On a scale of 1 to 10, it was at about 17.5. Decided to do some riding this weekend. Yesterday in St. Louis had crazy wind conditions. At first it didn't seem that bad, and I got through most of the day actually enjoying it a bit. Then as I was on my way home on a highway the crosswinds got...
  16. mvmccreary

    My Weekend

    So I had high hopes to start finishing the max I have been working on all summer, now that its finally over, had a couple mishaps and a broken stud that I had to remove the engine to work on, but I had the engine put back in, HD oiling kit installed thanks to Sean, a new (used) clutch and...
  17. V

    Where Did You Go On Your Weekend Ride?

    Were you out on your Max today and/or yesterday? Tell us about it! :punk:
  18. mckzx9

    Anyone going to New England Dragway this weekend?

    There is a national NHRA event there this weekend. There hasn't been one there since the late 70's. ill be there Saturday hope to see some of you up there.
  19. JTidwell44

    Time lapse video of our ride on the Devil's Triangle this weekend

  20. JTidwell44

    Here's a video of my ride on the Dragon's Tail this weekend