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The bike is running great by the all i need is a COP kit so that it will run when it gets rained on.

If you start it in the dark you get a bit of a light show. 1986...probably all original electrical stuff.

after the new year perhaps
Hell yeah! The COP kit IMO is well worth it... but the fustration of removing the front 2 coils should you choose to do so, not so much, lol.
Good write up, thanks for the info. I finally took the plunge on this after looking at the kit in my garage for over a year. Take johnblaid's advice and stuff that area around the transmission with something. I did but didn't do a good job. The circlip popped of the pliers and found the smallest little opening and into the tranny area it went :damn angry:. I've spend the last 2 hours with a magnet and I got it out. What an ordeal. Time for a Jim Beam or two. I"ll worry about getting that stupid circlip on the shaft tomorrow!!

Thanks for the instructions and tips. This is intimidating but not impossible. Patience, taking your time and taking plenty of pictures along the way make it possible to have great results. I took the advice of replacing ALL o-rings, clips, etc. That delayed the process waiting for parts especially since i had to make a couple seperate orders because some were missed at first. I happened to have a pair of snap ring pliers with the "stop" screw adjuster. I used a dremel and file to modify the pliers to a perfect fit. Then i used the old clip and adjusted the "set" screw on the pliers to just right spot to allow the clip slide on the shaft. To me this was very crucial because i then could put good pressure on the pliers without worrying about over spreading the clip. I cut a strip of cereal box and slid it up over and around the gear to prevent the clip from flying up into the engine if it got away from me. Rags went in the bigger cavaties. Luckily it never flew but i was pretty well covered if it did. Again taking time and patience to make sure the only place it could go was OUT of the engine. Also, each "set" of screws went into its OWN zip lock and labeled during disassembly. This along with the pics i took made assembly much easier. Of course a shop manual, this forum and Sean were necessary for my sucess so thanks again. Heres a pic of the rags and cardboard that would prevent anything getting in the case.


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Yea I had a fairly hard time on mine too, actually broke the oil manifold but I brazed it back together. Might just be me but the snap rings weren't all that hard on mine, fitting the Kaw O ring was a bitch though. One of the phillips screws for the oil pump stripped the head out so I couldn't remove it, good thing I have a welder cause I welded a 1/4" bolt to the head and screwed it right out while it was still hot. As much of a pain in the ass as I had with it I still believe it to be a very worthwhile mod but just don't be surprised if you hit a few snags.

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im currently trying to fit this oil ring. Any tips to help?

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