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  1. D

    Swing arm installation question.

    Hey Guys! first post on the forum forgive me if I did this wrong. A week ago I took my swing arm off in order to slide in the shaft that i accidentally pulled out. So I was wondering is it possible to tighten the two swing arm bolts in a way that the swing arm is not center anymore making the...
  2. K

    Installation issues

    Any advices how get U joint and driveshaft lined together? I mean, should I put swingarm on and then the whole final drive assembly and line it , or should I keep swingers and final drive together and line it ? It seems really difficult getting em together.
  3. vmaxed1989

    electric fan thermostat installation

    Anyone give a detailed break down with procedure on installing a new electric fan thermostat? I have a 1989 vmax . If I have to remove false tank etc. need to know the best way. Mike
  4. T

    Progressive spring installation

    How difficult is it to install the progressive springs that so many of you have changed to? Are there any "special" tools needed or do you simply remove the cover and replace the spring?
  5. dannymax

    Helicoil Installation at BRC

    We install helicoils in stripped diaphragm & float chamber bolt holes....$15 each
  6. E

    Question re. valve stem installation

    Hi all: I hope everyone's doing okay out there. Question for y'all about installing some new 90 degree valve stems I purchased for my Max. They are from Moto-D Racing, and can be seen at this address...
  7. 94 V-Max Rider

    Float Seat Installation

    Well, I had a leaking number three carburetor. I bought the float needle and seat. I removed the float seat per the instructions found here: I went to install the new float seat and discovered it's gonna need some force to install...
  8. johnblaid

    Adventures in Oiling Dept: The HD OILING KIT INSTALLATION

    I just finished installing the Morley HD oiling kit in a 1986 with the engine in the bike. I did this while installing a new clutch so I decided to go a bit further and do this. The results were spectacular. No more knocking mains at slow idle. (this is NOT your front exhaust pipes as it...
  9. johnblaid

    Bad Luck during routine Morley HD Oiler installation

    Holy crap. I am in the process of installing the Morley HD Oiling Kit. I just got my 45 degree snap ring pliers and removed the snap ring on the inside oil pump drive gear and pulled the shaft out the outside. The gear dropped out on my chest as I expected. I cleaned the shaft and the...

    UFO exhaust installation

    Finally getting around to installing my new to me UFO exhaust. Its a 4-1 with megaphone. The mid pipe that passes between the centerstand tabs is actually rubbing against the right side tab. I had to run off to work and leave the project so didn't spend a lot of time fiddling. I was just...
  11. C

    Clutch cover insert installation video :biglaugh:
  12. Fire-medic

    My WOLO-Stebel copy-air horn installation

    I already had rough-installed it before going to Daytona '13, but took the time to do it better today. Here are some pics. First shot is original 'proof-of-concept' fit on the left side engine V, but this blocked the thumbscrew for the carb idle adjustment. Switched it to the right, no mods...
  13. 94 V-Max Rider

    Vent Cap Installation

    My brother purchased a billet vent cap cover from Python Motorsports for his 2007 Max. In a rush to install the his new cover, he failed to realize that the Python cover fits over the stock vent cap and is held in place with a set screw. In his rush, he removed the stock vent cap and destroyed...
  14. 94 V-Max Rider

    Park Tool Evaluation: Steering Bearing Race Installation

    After years of installing bearing races using a bearing driver and hammer, only to end up with cocked [lower] bearing races and burrs inside the steering head, I decided to invest in the following tools: Park Tool HHP-2 Headset Press. Park Tool CRS-2M Steering Stem Bearing...
  15. H

    swingarm removal/ installation.

    Hello, I'm about to start tearing the rear end of the bike down. Swingarm and rear diff are being replaced and before I start digging into it I wanna make sure there's no specialty tools I need to buy before hand. Any input?
  16. A

    installation off a 12V plug for TomTom

    Hi guys, What did I do today with my V-max....? well I was intrested to have a 12V (sigaretlighter) plug installed for (no not lighting my :smoke000: while driving :rofl_200:) But for my TomTom navy divice.... I still had a TomTom laying, doing nothing so why not placing it on the...
  17. misiek93

    T-Boost Installation Instructions

    I just got my t-boost kit from, here is a copy of the instrucions that came with it. A member asked if I could post a copy so I figured other people may bee looking for them as well.
  18. bazwell

    Clutch installation help required.

    After reading another thread on here I decided that I didn't know what I was doing, and decided to pull my clutch back out and sort it out. The first pic is of the KB frictions. They don't have any notches. There is a pic of the clutch components in order as they came out of the basket. There...
  19. LongNap

    Center Stand Installation

    I returned my pipes back to stock and installed the center stand today. Could someone post a picture or point me in the right direction for installing the spring for the center stand? I'm not sure how it hooks up since I bought it this way and parts bandit fiche isnt clear enough for my little...
  20. T

    Stock exhaust installation problem

    I just rebuild my second gear issue. I'm doing the reinstall and having problem with the front tubes fitting into the main exhaust. Any hints would be appreciated. Also, do I have to readjust the v-boost. I only loosened the center nut on the square box of the boost.