Gen 2 - Air Ride/Shock Rear Suspension & Electric Center Stand !

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Oct 4, 2021
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Cayman Islands
Ok, so here goes, ...has anyone installed an Air Ride Shock on their Gen 2? I know it's limited space etc and will/would decrease ground clearance. BUT, I'm considering installing a "Bleed Feed" system rear shock where by the height and rebound can be adjusted. ( ref: Bleed Feed Air Ride Kit for Yamaha R6 ) AND, at the show, or anywhere really, could drop it to the ground and if I could also install an Electric Center Stand.. well then .. Bob's your Uncle, it would sit up vertically, just like the Custom baggers would do... I know this is not popular and I know the Suspension CONS, so...
I need/want to know:
1. the OEM Rear Shock Shock Bolt size ( 10 or 12mm ?)
2. the extended Length of the OEM Shock from Top to Bottom Eye Bolt holes.
3. the diameter of the OEM Shock, is it 2 3/4"?

..also, has anyone used/installed a Custom Electric Center Stand for either stock ride height ( ground clearance is 5.5in) or if Gen 2 is lowered by Link or by Air?
(example of one of the slimmest stands, Custom install on Harley... )

Appreciate any\all info ! 😅 ride today
Yo, what is that cowl under the radiator!?
Nice! I just placed an order for the magical racing cowl! Nice work!!!
I need a 3d printer
Looks awesome! Those slashed tips must bark something raucous! Are those factory Yamaha engine bedazzles?
I placed an order and they couldn't determine a shipping date. So I canceled that order and had someone custom fab me an aluminim cowl instead.
ναι το μαύρο είναι φτηνότερο αλλά η μηχανή μου είναι όλη carbon.
250 ευρώ είναι πολύ φτηνά. εμένα ζήτησε 550 δολάρια γι αγορά κι 350 για αποστολή
250 ευρώ είναι πολύ φτηνά. εμένα ζήτησε 550 δολάρια γι αγορά κι 350 για αποστολή
Ρε φίλε,υπερβολικά λεφτά. Σίγουρα μπήκες στο webike japan?
ναι και εμένα μου φάνηκε υπερβολικά πήρα πέρσι το καπάκι που καλύπτει το πίσω σελακι και πλήρωσα για το μαύρο 350 και 25 για αποστολή ήρθαν σε 3 μήνες. φέτος παρήγγειλα το καρμπον και πλήρωσα 450 και 35 για αποστολή.

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