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Parts Wanted Gen2 VMax Low Profile Back Rest

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You beat me to it. I was looking for the exact same backrest in aluminum. Item# 2S3-F84U0-V0-00. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!
Eventually we will be making new similar versions (with some improvements to the weaker areas of the casting - ours will be billet).


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I have an OEM seat with drivers backrest and passenger seat that was redone by Jon Cornell at UFO with the seat lowered by creating a more comfortable pocket for the driver. Seat is like new as I have used a Corbin for the last 8 years or so on my 09. This is a complete seat including the drivers back rest mounting assembly so that I can swap between my Corbin and UFO seat in less than a minute. The drivers backrest mounting hardware is over $100 from Yamaha. Seats are now redone by StarRider Performance with you sending yours to them. This would be an outright purchase with no exchange
FYI. Thinking $575.00 with shipping and insurance included.


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