New HD Sportster faster than a Gen1?

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I like it, I had a 1985 sportster I bought brand new. The engine blew up a day after my warranty expired. I had it rebuilt at a performance shop and the stroked it I also had bigger cams installed. I ran 1 3/4” drag pipes and boy did that thing sound fast, lol. It actually ran pretty good then. I wouldn’t pay 15k for one but if it was about 5k I’d get one, I like the breakout as well. I guess the reliability is much better now than back in the 80s but when mine blew up it was literally just days after my warranty expired and they wouldn’t even give me a decent price to have it fixed and that kinda ruined my whole Harley experience.
You can get a 2022 MT-10 for that price and then you would have a real kick azz motorcyle, forget this HD. Spend a thousand more and get the SP model MT 10, amazing machine.
That's like comparing a Ferrari to a Cadillac. They're two completely different machines.
Harley Davidson always publishes there HP & TQ numbers at the crank.

In fact, I've never known Harley Davidson to quote any torque or horsepower numbers from anywhere but the rear wheel.

Historically, they don't release horsepower figures at all. Typically only once in a while do they do it, but when they do it is ALWAYS off a dyno at the rear wheel or they do the conversion from crank to rear wheel and release rear wheel numbers.
That's like comparing a Ferrari to a Cadillac. They're two completely different machines.
Not really, how are they different? Both have 4 wheels, 2 of which are powered by an ICE, with a gearbox etc. They may be intended for different uses but as machines go, they're pretty much identical, just like the HD and Vmax.

I can accept comparing a cadillac to a lathe is comparing 2 different machines.
It is true that Harley Davidson historically does not release horsepower figures at all. But strictly speaking of the big twin Road Glide Limited 114 CI models for 2022 the Harley Davidson's website is publishing there torque numbers of 122 ft-lb @ 3,000 RMP. I have seen several independent dyno runs on stock bikes that range in torque in the area of 104 ft-lb for a 4th gear run to 107 ft-lb for a 5th gear run. Over the years I have had several Harleys that I had performance work done. I always have a base line dyno run performed in stock form before any performance work. Rear wheel numbers have always come up at least 10 ft-lb short of what Harley published for that particular year & model.

Just my past experience.

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