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Aug 4, 2021
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Started on the removal of my bag of gravel issue. Checked for weak battery but it checked out, charging system is good no slow speed draw etc. Starter looked almost new inside with 4 brush version upon inspection so now i have the cover off following the how to guide on this forum thanks to Yukondave. No metel filings or broken/worn teeth in the casing so looks like my gears get a pass. Thats as far as i can go for now more to follow.20210811_214244.jpg20210811_214052.jpg
the ends of the three bolts you can see, do they turn at all by light pressure ?
The flywheel needs to come off for inspection. Like Julian was referring to, loose bolts are an issue most of the time. And starter clutch parts
could very well be damaged as a result. Got Sean on speed dial yet?
That thick disc washer thing, what's going on at the 11 o'clock position, looks like a chunk has been worn away.

:). Yeah, I expected it was a reflection or lighting.
Some progress today, have the flywheel bolt loosened and I have a good puller but waiting on the M8 x 1.5 bolts needed for the removal and follow up inspection.

I'm only a novice wrench, most others would be done by now lol. Since this is my dream bike i want everything to go smooth and efficiently while I learn on the fly


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I hope I'll be proven wrong but I suspect you may have some difficulty getting the flywheel off with that arrangement.

Unless you have specified high tensile bolts then tightening the centre nut will only serve to stretch the bolts and flex the spider. When the flywheel doesn't come off the temptation is to tighten the centre screw even more which puts more energy into the system. Keep doing that and one of two things will happen.1) You will bend the centre bolt and/ or the spider (I know this to be true!) or 2) You hit the centre bolt and all that stored energy is transferred to the flywheel.
If you are lucky you won't be standing immediately in front of it as it comes off and your shins are used to halt its progress. Remember to provide something soft for the flywheel to land on (shins and other body parts excepted).

A better solution is to have three 1" steel posts made, threaded at each end to take short screws which will limit flex in that part of the system.

Flywheel puller _1.jpg

Flywheel puller_2.jpg

Flywheel puller_3.jpg

Flywheel puller_4.jpg

(Photo's courtesy of Thomas Powell)

Note the additional support that has been added under the screws.

With a rigid system like this you will have eliminated most, if not all of the flex.
Tighten the centre bolt give it a good belt with a lump hammer and the flywheel will normally come off without a murmur.

I like the the extra plates under the bolts i will be using that later. Thanks for the correction on the bolt size i will correct that with my local parts store. As far as catching the flywheel goes i plan on using heavy zio ties on the puller to prevent parts flying. More to follow
As far as catching the flywheel goes i plan on using heavy zio ties on the puller to prevent parts flying.

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding you but as the puller is connected to the flywheel by the three bolts I don't understand what the point of the zip ties are.
It won't stop the assembly flying off the end of the crank.
So are you saying that you are tying the puller to the bike?
I'm confused myself. I was under the assumption it was done like pulling a harmonic balancer or something along those lines where it just comes loose and you take it off with your hand.
I believe he's referencing what Morley does in his video. A harmonic balancer and then zip tie the starter ring gear and flywheel together so they stay together when the flywheel comes off.

According to the guides on this forum they all refer to the assembly flying across the shop when it releases tension. Seen pics of other people here zip tieing the puller to the frame to catch flying parts. Third pic is where i got the idea of the zip ties, NOT my photo, property of another member here

On a differant note i was unable to source out the m8x1.25 bolts unless i spent 70.00(CAD) on a whole box So the local motorcycle shop here lent me theirs. I will post up more later this eve as i will more than likely have a boatload of questions.

Cant wait to get this fixed abd get back out there


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Well it's off and as everyone stated it would have flown across the garage if it wasn't retained.

3 Loose bolts was the cause. Gears look good, I stopped riding it when the problem started to avoid as much damage as possible. I have all the bits together so next step is to head back to the local bike shop to see if it can be rebuilt or if I need new.


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