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Motorycle For Sale Supercharge Mad Max Gen 1 - Sell Complete or Pending Part out

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Apr 6, 2006
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Derby Kansas
Pending Parting Out or Sell Complete
Mad Max Built Supercharged 1989 Vmax. Lots of custom parts including his supercharger setup.

I have removed the exhaust but before I take the bike the rest of the way apart I wanted to see if anyone was interested in the complete bike. Planning to start removing more parts around mid Feb.

Currently the complete bike is available for $5k without the exhaust (already sold). I do have some exhausts available I can add back for additional cost. Some parts like the body set have been taken off but can be reinstalled if the complete bike is sold. I did not note the current mileage so the 13462 is what is on the title.

If no buyers then I will start parting it out. Pricing as follows:

$3500 - Mad Max Supercharger Setup. Includes all parts needed to install. Carb, Intake, Blower Unit, Throttle Cables, Vent System (clutch cover and other misc). Idler and Other Pulleys, Belt Guard, Modified Brake pedal, bushings/spacers for shifter bracket and foot peg. Oil Cooler and modified Stator Cover.

$1000 - Mad Max Extended Swingarm. Includes swingarm, driveshaft, and brake line.

$500 - Custom Painted Body Set. Faux Tank Cover (with holes for blower - will work with stock or S7 as well), Scoops, Side Covers, and Front/Rear fenders. Also has custom louved cover for taillight which has also been chromed (was an old Yamaha accessory)

$600 - Chromed 85-92 Front End. Not sure what internals are in it. Includes pair of forks (right side modified with caliper removed), Big Brake Conversion on left side with Performance Machine Caliper, Includes Custom Rotor and Bracket, Includes Chrome Triples

$400 - Custom Billet Brake/Clutch Controls, Handlebar Riser, Handlebar, and Headlight Assembly. Also custom mirror (single side).

$600 - Custom Raked Frame. Includes Radiator and Custom Fan. Also includes steering dampener. Will include the basic wire harness (85-89) but will not include CDI, gauge cluster or relays.

$250 - Nice clean fuel tank

$200 - Nice Seat Set (original stuff)

$100 - Chromed Rear Grabrail

Plenty of other parts available like the stock wheels, rear custom rotor, chrome caliper, and electrical like CDI box, and Dakota Digital Speedo where the stock cluster would normally be.

Email me at [email protected] for more info. Located near Wichita Ks but can help arrange shipping if needed.


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More pics and video of it running (before I tool the header off)


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Seems a shame to part out but might be easiest as it might not be to everyone's taste, although that's some new paint away, but will also likely bring more cash as a 'part out'.
That's one that I built many years ago please feel free to give me a call and I can answer any questions about it. 203-574-7859 Mad Max
That's one that I built many years ago please feel free to give me a call and I can answer any questions about it. 203-574-7859 Mad Max
Paul it would be great if you can share what if anything was done to the engine.

An older picture of the bike (prior to it arriving to me)


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