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Sep 7, 2021
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Jacksonville Beach, Florida 32250
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2000 carbon with 13k and no 5th gear. Have read article from level head but not sure if he pulled the clutch primary to fix. Also read about turret dropping pins in oil pan. Please offer an opinion. I know a visual check will hold some value. But would like feedback.


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Question: does your set of exhaust pipes say, "Cobra" anywhere?

Yes, that is a sturdy pull-bar! If you moved forward the vertical bar 2 or 3 inches, and added a pad, you'd have a nice sissybar backrest.

Where are you in FL? If you add your location under the avatar, you may find some riding buddies, or things to-do.
Sounds like the shift drum segment end dropped a pin. You'll need to remove the clutch to verify and then replace with the late model version since it's one solid piece.
Are you referring to the segment as the part in question? I would need to get the missing pin too. Trying to develop a parts lists. Do you know if the clutch primary requires a puller and surely a torque wrench on assembly. Need to get it in my head all things needed as it stinks to not have that much needed item. Thanks for your help, maleko89
His 2000 should have the later model segment already. I would still pull the basket to make sure. It doesn't need any special tools other then to hold the inner which can be tricky to do by hand (we have a youtube video showing how we do it). There is a basket tool (large vice grip basically) and some have converted old steels with a handle welded on to hold it.
Sean is right, missed that it was a 2K model. Won't hurt to check the segment though as Yamaha did sometimes use older NOS parts. My '99' originally came with an early model R/R, for example. Like Sean said, Motion Pro and others have a clutch basket holder tool or you can use an air gun along with a 30 mm socket.


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