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  1. P

    Parts off my 06 with 75xx miles.

    Brake/clutch levers. $25 Front brake calipers with good pads. $80 New SBC HH pads. $35 Mirrors. $25 Spitfire windshield. $45 Front brake master cylinder. $40 Clutch master cylinder. $40 Price INCLUDES shipping to cont US.
  2. P

    Perfect OE seat off my 06 with 7500 miles.

    $180 shipped to cont US.
  3. P

    WTB centerstand & hardware for my 06.

    Let me know. Thanks
  4. N

    06 max left side header pipe

    Hello everyone, Bought my first Vmax last night. Did a cannonball run with my oldest boy and a buddy. A little over 10 hours round trip arriving home at 0400hrs and I am the owner of her. I need a left side header pipe. Looks like the one on it got partially smashed loading it by previous...
  5. J

    Aftermarket seat for an '06 vmax

    Hello, I'm looking for a better seat for my vmax, preferably one that has been lowered 3" and is black in color. Please let me know what you got. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T using Tapatalk
  6. J

    '06 vmax tailight

    Hello, I recently just bought and installed rear LED turn signals that have red running lights & brake lights built into them. My question is, can I legally run just those without my factory tailight? I also have the rear LED brake light that replaces the red reflector in the back above the rear...
  7. Conman

    Good Deal on an '06 in Upstate NY (Not Mine)

    Seems like a good deal so I thought I'd pass it along. https://rochester.craigslist.org/mcy/5655926272.html
  8. reddobie0

    06 Vmax for sale.

    If anyone is interested. I did the cop conversion(88vmx12 kit), all fluids were changed(coolant,clutch,brake,rear dif, oil), carbs cleaned up by dannymax about 1.5 years ago, brake pads front and rear replaced few hundred miles ago. Tires have about 600 miles on them. Bike is in excellent...
  9. Foxviewnet

    06 Vmax Delkevic exhaust, K&N Airbox and Filter, Stage 7 jets???

    First Dyno on this bike. I was curious as to why the HP was actually a bit less with the Tboost set at 3000 rpm than it was with it set at 6000 rpm across the board? Someone has the logical answer but fill me in if you could enlighten me. Also I was told that the main jets may be a little large...
  10. fondy

    06 Vmax FS

    Looking to sell my 06 Vmax. Just dont ride her enough any more. I bet i only put on 500 miles last yr. She has 15,xxx miles. Asking $5700 Kerker 4-1 exhaust, which sounds great. SS braided lines. Morleys Muscle seat with Vmax logo embroidered on it. Odyssey maintenance free battery T-boost...
  11. T

    06 VMAX for sale

    It is with regret that I offer my 2006 Vmax for sale. I have loved this bike for the year I have had it...but realize I really need a fuel injected touring bike for my wants and needs. I have bought and sold on Ebay, including this bike...but am first offering on the Vmax forum before listing...
  12. mckzx9

    Putting out feelers on my 06

    I'm thinking about selling my 2006 vmax with 12,000 miles. I am thinking there will be 2 prices. $8500.00 obro as it sits. Plus get all the stock stuff exhaust, handle bars,stock wheels w new tires, shocks, stock swing arm, koso vmax edition speedo , and many more. Or there will be another...
  13. M

    '06 gauges in '89 Max wiring question

    Picked up a bunch of gear from a retired '06 including the tach gauge cluster. Looks identical except for the fuel light wiring, theres and extra pin in the red connector (black on red wire)...My harness connector is black. What is the wiring mod needed or does the '89 sender have to be used?
  14. Positracker

    Lost all electrical power on my 06

    New member here sorry that my first post is about a dead Max. Took a 10 min drive today the bike was running great. Stopped in a parking lot to make a call dropped the bike in neutral about 10 seconds later it just turned off like the key had been switched off. I had it towed home $107...
  15. D

    just bought an '06 with 8000 miles

    Been my dream bike since high school. It is pristine-I paid 4900....I think that was fair?
  16. S

    Need advice on 06 VMAX

    I am a first time poster and long time admirer of VMAX. I am planning to meet a guy this weekend to see about purchasing his 2006 VMAX with 8900 miles. I plan on bringing it to a shop to have them look it over, the seller has no problem with this. He is apparently an ASE certified mechanic...

    For sale 06 VMax 4600 miles

    For sale is my pampered, adult ridden 2006 Yamaha V Max. If your considering a VMax then this is as clean as they come. 4,600 Low Miles! Cobra Pipes, Corbin Seat, UFO turn signals, Chin Faring, one off license plate mount. $7500 Dave 716-445-2252
  18. M

    COP Mod gsxr 06. 700

    Hey guys, anybody using 06 gsxr 600 COP? I bought a set from fleabay and have a couple questions someone here might have the answer to. I get a primary resistance of 3.7-3.9. The secondary resistance is 13.8-13.9k (cold). The resistance goes up when the bike gets hot 14.9-18.3. I also get a...
  19. midmoraider

    06? for $4500 in KC

    Found this on CL this morning. Says it's a 96 but sure looks like an 06 to me. Could be a smokin deal for someone just outside Kansas City. http://kansascity.craigslist.org/mcy/3070855811.html
  20. Sonoran6

    Stock 07 VMax vs 06 ZX6RR

    My friend wants to race me. He has an 06 ZX6RR (the 600 not 636) the only mod done to his is a 46 tooth rear sprocket. Exhaust and everything else is stock. The question, is should I put some money down and bet, or should I just race for fun?