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  1. M

    Who needs Mikuni carb's?

    New guy here only stopping thru. Dont beat me up to bad. What i believe I have is a full set (4) Mikuni carbs in the rack (or whatever y'all call it, sorry) and the air box with a K&N filter. When I look up the part number on the air box its coming back to an 04 VMAX, so figured this may be the...
  2. AEmedic

    2004 with 2800 miles - $6200

    This bike only has 2800 miles and runs great! The bike is stock except the Coil Over Plug modification. See it today. Call or text Chris: 4O6-868-One 5 O Eight https://boise.craigslist.org/mcy/6070335017.html
  3. P

    2004 Vmax in R.I.

    I'm selling my 2004 Vmax. Flat black with silver stripe, 6,200 miles, clean bike, new tires in spring, all stock, $5,900. Everything works as it should. No issues. My name is Bob and my number is 401-256-7891. Pictures can be seen in the R.I. Craigslist. Trouble uploading.
  4. sabre tooth

    Looking at a 2004

    I have come across a 2003 V Max For Sale with 20,000 KM (12000 miles) on it. It appears that the brass plugs are still in the carbs and in the Video the guy sent me ,it sounds really smooth (cold). Are there any particular problems associated with the 03 model that i should be aware of when i...
  5. B

    2004 Vmax First Impressions

    So I've had my bike for the better part of a week now and I've got mixed emotions. First off, the bike is everything I ever imagined it to be when it comes to the image it conveys. Friends, family and strangers alike all agree that it is "bad ass". Definitely not your everyday cookie cutter...
  6. vmax1968

    2004 VMAX for Sale in Weston, FL -SOLD-

    ***Updated links and price $5100*** Upgraded to a Gen 2 so I am selling my 2004. Bike is in mint condition recently fully serviced. See links below for details Craigslist Cycletrader
  7. Johnc1go

    Good Deal on a 2004

    If I were in the market, I'd be looking seriously at this offer. http://southbend.craigslist.org/mcy/4623486677.html
  8. allisontech

    Well the 2004 is home again!

    Hey guys this is Bill I finally found the 2004 Max I sold a couple years ago and bought it back from the same guy who purchased it from me, I only rode it before loading it in the truck ready for the 320 mile drive back to Lithia, Once out of the truck I rode around the yard a little before...
  9. speedcostsmoney

    wiring diagram vmax 2004

    looking for color wiring diagram, is it exist because a couple things different, than previous vmax's, like, white coil wire goes to cly 4 not cyl 2
  10. C

    2004 vmax battery

    I want to replace my current battery with someting heavier duty and probably a AGM battery. Does anyone have any recomendations I looked at odessy and panisonic
  11. Johnc1go

    2004 With Modified Stock Exhaust

    I had the bike dyno'd last summer. This chart shows the A/F ratio on the right side. Since this chart was created, I've swapped out the stock pipes for Marks 4/2. I haven't yet had it checked, but guess from what I read here, that I"m running a little rich. The exhaust tone at highway speeds...
  12. gundoc_iowa

    2004 vmax backrest

    Maybe this is the wrong place to post this question....but I am looking for a backrest for my 2004 vmax...not having much luck. Any suggestions?
  13. M

    Help for my 2004 Vmax

    Hi there all new to the site and have a 2004 Model Vmax. I am in country Thailand with the bike. The bike after about 10 to 15 minutes suddenly starts to die and starts to loose power and then stops. the engine is running at normal temp. It has been doing this for a month now and the guys at...
  14. J

    2004 VMAX Idle Issues And More

    Hello All, First post here. Love this website. Finally found a forum with great info and people willing to help. Glad to be a member. I bought the 04 VMax new and only have 1000 miles on it. I spend my summers (May - Oct) away from home and my bike only gets started once in a while. When I am...
  15. kaboom

    2004 Stripes

    Can anyone tell me how wide the stripes are on the 2004 airbox cover.....and how wide the gap is between them???:confused2:
  16. A

    Upgrading a bone stock 2004 Vmax

    Hi again, The title tells it all: 4-2 ( or 4-1 ) Mark's exhaust system ( sounds awsome ) Dynojet Stage 7 jet kit with individual filters Nology spark plug wires Velcro hook and loop patch for the seat and my jeans I am not biased towards a particular brand ( yet ) so feel free to express...
  17. A

    2004 Engine noise

    Engine ticking on cold startup Hello Vmaxers. First I must express how useful this site is. Second, I apologize for not introducing myself in the proper place, but I shall do it with some photos. I recently purchased a 2004 Vmax with about 6k miles on the clock. The bike starts normally, 10-15...
  18. ghostntheshell

    2004 electrions / Fear mongering...

    Tom Ridge is surprised the Bush administration wanted the terror alert raised right before the 2004 elections... I am surprised that HE is surprised. ________ vapir air one
  19. S

    2004 front rim on 1985?

    Will a front rim off a 2004 Vmax fit my 1985? Will my rotors and calipers still work? Thanks for any help
  20. R

    2004 VMAX 4 sale

    I am putting this here for a friend of mine. The bike is in Lafayette,Louisiana and is great shape. Kurt can give you any info you need, I will put what I know here, but this is all I know. Year: 2004 Model: VMAX Miles- 20470 Acc.- w/s, S.T. pipes, Hwy Bar, HP plugs, new wires, new...