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  1. M

    Crash pads/engine guard advise needed

    Hi everyone! I caught a highslide on my recently bought '01 V-Max and really disliked a result. So while new water pump is coming to replace the wrecked one I'm thinking about some protection for the bike. Had found a wide choice of guards/pads on the internet but what I totally missed was the...
  2. B

    Need some advise!!!

    Alright guys I'm new to the Vmax world, and anxious to get out there and ride however I'm unable to my bike won't start without the choke on, also smoke is coming from the cylinder heads I recently changed the spark plugs on. In addition to that the right rear exhaust is also smoking. List of...
  3. Decayism

    Plan of attack, please advise

    1997 V-Max 1200 I've had ongoing carb issues for a few years and have taken it to a couple different motorcycle shops to have it fixed ($$$) and issues still persist and are the worst they've ever been this year. A several years ago, when I purchased the bike, the airbox was modified...
  4. J

    Advise on super trapps

    99 U.S. kn 150 main jets 8 disc in trapps carbs mix is 2 1/2 out and syched now is alittle hesitant off idle any suggestions
  5. S

    2015 VMAX Aftermarket Advise??

    Hello All! I'm new here and just ordered my first VMAX, can't wait! I intend on breaking the bike in for 500-1000 miles stock, then upgrading the exhaust, flash, and maybe air intake. I'm looking for some advise on these mods. I love the look of Vance&Hines but that's only 09-10, I love the...
  6. P

    brake disc bolts snapped advise

    Hello guy i was on taking the cush drive and brake disc off my resent divvy wheel and all the bolts have snapped except one any ideas on how to get them out ?
  7. N

    Draining front fork oil and filling with heavier weight... How to? Advise?

    Hey guys I want to increase my damping in my front fork, so can you explain how to drain and fill the forks? What's the best weight oil to use? Thanks! PS I already have the progress of shocks in the back
  8. P

    Relationship advise

    I just can't take the daily hate that my wife throws at me any longer. She refuses to get help or for us to go to conselling. I don't want to leave my three kids, but I'm at the end of my rope. We have a good life, great kids, some money in the bank, safe neighborhood, etc. but she...
  9. T

    a little advise?

    my first max and i dont have any other experience to refrence the bike and mine had been modded before i got it and no one knows how much. it doesnt want to hold speed...alays wants to is like i am always fighting wont idle with the vboost on but wont run worth a crap...
  10. SpecOps13

    I need advise about buying a GPS for my bikes

    I've been looking at GPS's for my bikes quite a while now. I can't seem to get past the part of them being so expensive for a bike. My troubles are bigger because I want to be able to use it on any of the bikes... That could mean that I need to pick up multiple sets of mounting hardware. What...
  11. VMAX1260

    Posted a dyno in dyno section please advise...

    I posted my dyno in the dyno lab section . Any suggestions??
  12. vmx1200

    Need some advise...

    Hello folks... I have spent a couple of hours reading everything I could find on carb tuning. My bike is a '06 with 7000 miles, Supertrapp w/8 per side, drop-in K&N. The bike runs good and strong but the carbs have not been touched, brass plugs and all are still there. I do the Seafoam...
  13. B

    NB need Advise on 200 rear !!!

    im nb of vmax, i need advises on upgrade my rear tire. my original idea is putting a 200 tire on rear and i dont really have too much knowlege with bike. here's question: 1> how much clearance on swing arm in order to fit a 200tire ??? 2> if i need to notched and braced my swing arm, which...
  14. vmaxride06

    Need some advise on a Shift light

    I really would like to add a shift light to my bike, anyone model better than the rest? Weather proof, accuracy, looks? Is it better to have a handle bar mount vs Speedo mount? Any feed back or pictures would be great. Thanks Chris Hansen #4560
  15. M

    in florida and need advise

    I have a 1985 vmax.. someone put a 89 engine in it..second gear is slipping and im broke..but i have a 1989 rolling frame with drive and the 85 engine stripped of carbs and vboost but rest is there anyone in my area that may want to trade parts for labor to fix my bike..i have title...
  16. SITORR

    need the pro's advise (newbie)

    Hi I just pick up a used V-max last Sat. the bike seems to be in good shape. 10,000 miles is what the odometer reads. I?m the third owner. The second owner bought it at 6,000 miles according to the pink. Anyways I took the bike Sunday for a little cruse. Bike seems to run good. About forty...