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  1. Hypocycloid3

    I am betting some of you guys know the answer to this...

    Happy Holidays VMax-Bros. My '94 has developed a wicked head shake but only at 75mph. At 65 it's smooth, at 70 it's hardly noticeable but as soon as I get above 72 or so it becomes very noticeable. Smooths out again some after 85 and as much as I appreciate my Vmax's sweetspot...
  2. Falaholic

    whats the answer on using Mobile 1 (car) oil in a VMAX

    I know, use Rotella, and be done with it. Although I'm curious, what is the answer on using Mobile 1, fully syn, car oil in a Vmax? There is no mention on the bottle of it being for high efficiency vehicles. Figured I'd ask because I have gallons of the stuff lying around.
  3. rusty

    War is not the answer
  4. GREEN light BLITZ

    A little help? Sean? Anyone...ICU?

    I'll send $10 via Paypal to the guy with the answer. I don't have time to mess around with this thing so let's hit the key things first. My Vmax won't start...big surprise. Its not getting any spark. Same ol stuff, turns over just fine, carbs prime and everything cones on, kick stand sensor...
  5. M

    Electric question - need answer asap

    Guys, I was taking apart the bike to do the COPs upgrade, and I found something odd... those 2 plugs were upside down... the little click thing you have that slides in and locks the harness was on top and outside of the harness plug, it seems upside down... both of them are this way... also...
  6. GREEN light BLITZ

    Ill send $20 to the guy with the answer...

    $20,Paypal to whoever figures it out. I need my bike NOW. Im having SERIOUS moto-withdrawls and money seems to get attention fast.While eventually some one will figure it out,I dont wanna wait so im offereing some insentive. :rulez:I will send $20 via Paypal to the one whos solution solves...
  7. N

    Need a quick answer please!

    I need a new starter solenoid because mine's on its way out. I bought one from ebay like 2 weeks ago and got an email from them saying that they were out of stock and repaid me. I found this one on ebay...
  8. vmax190

    does anybody a answer

    at the height of ww2 the germans were flying in at least 1k planes a day, for thirty days in a row in 1944, and today we cannot overtake the towelheads, we are being played men.
  9. dannymax

    Good answer to a stupid question

    Liberal Newscaster Katie Couric, while interviewing a Marine sniper, asked: 'What do you feel......when you shoot a Terrorist?' The Marine shrugged and replied, "A Slight Recoil."
  10. S

    Please answer

    I'm new here,just bought a max a couple a months ago, ( sweet cherry condition 85 w/ 12k on it )I want to know rear tire options, is washer swap a smart thing to do? is there any 170's that i can put on but w/ out washer swap? ( FOR SURE ) I want quality, not worried if it cost more. I...
  11. N

    someone on here can answer this problem

    Two days ago I rode the bike home for lunch. When I got back on it to go back to work it had trouble idleing and hesitated off of idle. It would run fine at WOT though. So I check the headers with a laser thermometer to see what cylinders are fucking up. The RH front cylinder is at 100 degrees...