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  1. Fire-medic

    how to open your beer

    Under the weather, spending some time cruising some sites. I found this. A great way to spend some time, seeing all the ways people open beer bottles. My favorite is the blonde in the pool who uses the top of her bikini, sorry...
  2. Fire-medic

    Beck's beer is made in the USA!

    Class action lawsuit! I am probably owed $thousand$! U.S. drinkers of Beck's beer who thought the American-made brew they were buying was still a fancy, century-old German import can get cash payments under a...
  3. a113ycat

    Interesting business

    Mods... I am not the seller of this I am only confused and interested.... Living in the Austin Texas area where food...
  4. adambweird


    Ok folks, been wondering this for a little while... What kind of beer(s) do ya like? Its fun lil hobby of mine to try as many different brews as possible. Currently ive got close to 300 representd in my collection and my favorites tend to be IPAs and ANYTHING Stone Brewing Co produces. Down...
  5. lawman504

    Beer is getting warm!

    This is indeed a VMAX question because when im working on my bike, i like to have a cold beer or twelve. Hence the reason i have a big ass commercial refridgerator in my garage. Problem is, is the damn thing quit cooling to the proper specifications that i prefer in order to keep me refreshed...
  6. VMax-Mike

    M.I.S wine & Beer Motorcycle Track Day

    on may 10 2014 I thought we all could meet up and ride to M.I.S at 10am and take 3 laps at top speed and than go taste some wine and beer. Its $35 per person and that gets you 10 wine & beer tokens and 3 laps on the track. Last year i hit 120mph on the first 2 laps and 130mph on the third lap so...
  7. Miles Long

    We Got Stronger Beer!

    Political, but on the light side.
  8. alorio1

    Air Force One are flying more hours than a rookie on a beer run

    This is from Mark Knoller of CBS. The pilots and crew of Air Force One are flying more hours than a rookie on a beer run. They are tired of it too, and are adding more crew to Air Force-1, - I know this for a fact because I'm one of the instructors that trains the crews. Our company (Atlas Air)...
  9. davidon

    Theory of beer drinking

    A herd of buffalo can move only as fast as the slowest buffalo. When the herd is hunted, it is the slowest and the weakest ones at the back that are killed first. This natural selection is good for the herd as a whole, because the general speed and health of the whole group keeps improving by...
  10. KJShover

    best beer ad ever!
  11. kaboom

    Beer Prices....,1236196 The one thing, in these dark times, that makes me able to face the next day.......And they are going to try to take it away from me..... I will have to switch to a cheaper beer....:damn...
  12. kozy

    Drink your beer and work it off at the same time!

    This contraption is probably the most awesome thing I've ever seen. I want one.....NOW!
  13. maleko89

    Mowing & Beer

    On Saturday afternoon, I was sitting in my lawn chair, drinking beer and watching my wife mow the lawn. The neighbor lady from across the street was so outraged that she came over and shouted at me, 'You should be hung!' I took a drink from my can of Busch Lite, wiped the cold foam from my lips...
  14. shawn kloker

    beer temp tester

    Which is colder?
  15. markmax

    Beer Vs. Vagina (NSFW)

    beer vs. vagina!!!! Body: Body: Beer vs. Vagina! 1.Beer is always wet. Vagina needs a little work. One point to BEER 2.Warm beer tastes awful. One point to VAGINA 3.A really cold beer is satisfying. One point to BEER 4.If after taking a swig of your favourite beer you find a...