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  1. D-Max2012

    Braided Brake lines

    Quick question.. When you start looking to replace your old brake lines to braided ones.. Are you looking to replace just the front wheel? or, does the clutch line and rear need to be addresses also?
  2. K

    braided lines

    has anyone put a braided line in place of clutch hose ?
  3. O

    Braided Clutch Cable Opinions

    Last year I rebuilt and powdered my masters. I reinstalled them and had a hell of a time to bleed out my clutch. After figuring that I had to bleed the master first and then the line I had better results but either way I dont know if this was the answer or was it just the hours spent bleeding...
  4. midmoraider

    Free stainless braided hose

    Hey all, I am cleaning out some stuff in my garage and have a piece of the braided stainless hose to be used for a crankcase breather system. Just put Sean's kit on my bike and had to order longer than I needed from Summit. The length is a few inches longer than you will need so it can be cut to...
  5. C

    Russell braided clutch line - Am I missing something?

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster... I began installation on my '88 of a Russell clutch line yesterday. No instructions included or available on their website. However, it appears to me, based on the angle of the fittings and the length of the line, that you need to retain the stock hard...
  6. naughtyG

    any recommendations for braided lines?

    I need to replace my front brake lines, so wondered if anyone can recommend a good place to order new ones from. Looking for both good service and hopefully a decent price.. They must be braided, silver in color to match the clutch line, and have to be custom length (106cm / 41 3/4") as I have...
  7. G

    Braided stainless brake line question.

    Looking to do the braided ss cable upgrade on my Max. From everything I have read, it seems to be the no-brainer thing to do as a brake upgrade over stock. The only thing I am vacillating over is on the front brakes, do I want the two lines from the master cylinder or one line to the...
  8. F

    Braided lines

    I have an 07' Max and I got a hold of R1 brake calipers, master cylinder and reservoir cup, stock R1 lines. The R1 lines are too short...obviously...and I don't want to use the stock Max lines. So it looks like braided lines are my next option. I guess I would have to get V-Max braided...
  9. gleno

    Braided Hoses - D.I.Y.

    I was wondering if anybody has had experience fitting Stainless Steel Braid to hose line? I have a few ideas but I've got no idea how to fit and secure the braid. Can anybody provide a web reference / link? or general guidelines for securing braid?
  10. Shuriken

    Need help fixing braided clutch line leak...

    Howdy, My bike has a braided clutch cable, which works ok, except that it leaks at a fitting down by the left peg where it goes under the clutch cover. There is a solid tube that comes up out of the clutch hosing; this tube has a nut that fastens to the aftermarket clutch line. Fluid leaks...
  11. S

    braided stainless

    Hi everyone, I have to replace the throttle cables, and was trying to find some braided stainless cables, but no luck yet. Does anyone know who carries what I need? While I am at it, I will be replacing the clutch and brake lines with braided stainless as well. For the front, it looks like...
  12. hulkmax

    4 Stainless Steel SS HEL braided Brake Lines
  13. clintard

    Braided Brake Lines

    How many of you have experience with braided brake and clutch lines? I really dont like the feel of the clutch on my max. Way to spongey and i just cant get that "feel" that im looking for. Is there a cheaper route than going with galfer or whatever? Ive been thinking about upgrading for...
  14. F

    Galfer SS Braided line kit

    I have complete Galfer Satinless steel line kits for sale. Kit includes: front brake lines (2 or 3, you pick) clutch and rear brake. All new in the box. Fit all year Vmax. $175 plus shipping. Drop me a line at [email protected]