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  1. M

    Buying 20 yr old bike? Pulling the trigger tomorrow, talk me down

    Hello good folks, thanks so much for the advice so far. I mentioned in a previous thread that I've previously owned a 1981 CB750K and a 2002 Kawi concours 1000. The knowledge is worth something I'm sure; I know how to take care of vintage bikes...
  2. rebeltaz83

    Buying a 2018

    So I absolutely fell in love with the last production year v max, the completely blacked out, Raven black. Hopefully I can still find one in April when I finally go to get one. I was just wondering what the break in period is? What kind of warranty there is, if its worth getting an extended...
  3. Lotsokids

    Maybe Buying a Corvette

    Since we're V-Max riders, I probably have some support in my desire to buy a Corvette. I really worship the car, even though I've only driven one for 4 days (long story). That one was a 2012 Grand Sport. It was fun, but I REALLY didn't like the auto transmission. It just felt powerless until you...
  4. D

    Looking at buying a vmax...

    This one looks good.
  5. Itgoes

    Buying a VMax In Canada and Bringing it Across the Border

    I'm about to do that. Anyone know exactly what I'll face at the border with the bike on the trailer? I assume there will be several forms to fill out. I also just read the the bike needs to have the stock exhaust on it because they'll be looking for EPA and DOT markings. If anyone that...
  6. C

    New member.. thinking about buying a vmax

    Hello guys I'm new here but not new to motorcycles. I'm 29 and have been riding since I was a kid.. I started with Harley then went to sport bikes then vintage bikes then back to Harley.. which ultimately brings me here I currently have a 2013 dyna super glide custom in my garage that's...
  7. firebolt

    Buying a V Max

    I've wanted a VMax for the better part of 20 years, and I have some $, and I found one. An 04 with 28k on it and brand new tires. He wants $4500. Hes had the valves adjusted twice in it's life - 1 owner, he said fluids could use a change, battery is good. THats all he really knows about it...
  8. R

    buying 1st motorcycle jacket

    I wouldst mind hearing any input on a jacket. this is the first one im buying and i would like it to be a nice one that will hold up over time and I can use most of the year. currently im looking at the Cortech GX Sport Air 3...
  9. 88vmx12

    Know what your truly buying.

  10. B

    Buying Tips?

    I'm going to look at a '92 VMax and want to know what to look for. It's got 41k miles on it. I know to check for slipping out of second gear. What else? It has some damage, broken rear turn signal and chrome cap broken off the end of the throttle. Otherwise it seems to be in decent shape. He's...
  11. Hijinx1812

    Great buying experience!

    I ordered a few parts from them and have to say that their products and service is top notch! It does take a long time to get your order stateside, but they have no control over that. Cheryl kept me informed of my order status and quickly answered my questions. I'm looking forward to my next...
  12. Conman

    What to Look for on a Dropped Bike?

    Looking at getting a V Star 1300 and, according to the seller, the guy before him had a very low speed tip over. The front fender is crooked, the handlebar dented the tank, and some other stuff got the usual scrapes. Supposedly the current owner bought it from him and hasn't had an issue in the...
  13. W

    buying a max

    Just a question for some advice. I have a guy by me selling a 89 vmax. He was going to part it out but i asked if he had the title and he said yes.So long story short is I can make a offer on the whole bike. The bike doesnt run. He claims the wiring harness is melted due to the stator failing...
  14. H

    talk me out of buying.....

    So someone talk me out of buying a voodoo 4-2. I love the look of my cobras but hate the HP loss. Thoughts?
  15. 1967vmax

    Full Face helmets Buying

    So im in the market for a new helmet it must have the inner sun shade (i am wearing perscription glasses now) and i was wondering if any of you guys or gals have looked at Kabuto Kamui this is my 1st choice i need light weight having some neck issues . How many years is a helmet good for i...
  16. Hellboy

    Save money buying OEM parts

    Hey everyone, I've noticed that on all three websites that I buy my OEM parts from that if you check the same part on several different, but compatible years that the price can vary greatly for the same thing from the same place. Here is one example. The left side scoop for an 88 is $404.00 and...
  17. C

    Advice on buying my first Vmax

    Hey all. I am new to forum. I am just about to buy my first Vmax. Pretty stoked about it. As I am looking around, I am not sure about what mileage limits I should be shooting for. I know for most of you this is probably the highest on the 'newbie' question scale.. I wouldnt know who else to ask...
  18. S

    Buying a windshield, what are my options?

    So as usual I'm getting stomped with shopping for accessories for my 02':ummm:. Newest being a windshield, mainly being I don't want to buy one that doesn't fit, or does absolutely nothing :bang head:. I'm 5'5" and by the end of this month I plan on having the UFO starfighter seat meaning I'll...
  19. N

    Buying a ZRX1200R- How does it compare to the VMAX I have?

    Well I'm looking at getting into something a little better around corners-just as a stopgap until I buy the gen2 vmax. Last winter we bought a Lakehouse in the mountains and I have world-class riding right at my front door -literally whenever I want.. And what I want is a little better corner...
  20. R

    Buying hand grips from ebay

    Hi, I'm trying to buy this hand grip from ebay for my 92 Vmax: But I'm rather confused because the (seemingly) same item...