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  1. g2501

    caliper adapter for 320mm rotor

    a couple of years ago I had to completely rebuild the front braking system, so I swapped the original master cylinder for a brembo RCS , upraded to braided lines and add couple of FZ1 calipers that fit perfectly on my bike ( a 1gen max '96). I had a little accident with the original config (...
  2. T

    uk spec calipers on us spec bike?

    HI The piston seals on the front brakes of my 98 US spec vmax all need replacing. They are different to the uk calipers and I was quoted £132 for the seals from Yamaha ! Was wondering if uk spec calipers are a straight replacement or do I need to suck up the postage charges of usa ebay?
  3. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors

    *SOLD*Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets (new), and 93+ rotors *SOLD* Listed these parts last year but was a noob to this site and didnt know I had p.m.'s. Sry to anyone who was interested and got no response. Selling the whole set-up for $150, buyer pays shipping. May entertain reasonable...
  4. TheMeanSupreme

    Gold dot calipers, adapter brackets, rotors

    Wanted to do the R1 brake conversion and a maxer on the VMOA site was kind enough to help this noob out... Unfortunately, the conversion brackets and the rotors he sold me and the gold dot calipers I bought will work on 93+ Vmax. I have a 1990. Want to sell or trade. Gold dot calipers...
  5. jdeitz1979

    Brake calipers upgrade

    I'm looking to upgrade my front brakes on my '91 Vmax. I have currently a set of 2000 R6 fronts that were given to me that do not fit. The bolt pattern is a bit longer then stock. Anyone here have '91 stock forks that has an upgrade, and if so, what are you running? Sent from my iPhone using...
  6. BorgBiker

    R1 Calipers (Gold Dot) -SOLD-

    Hey all, I recently I upgraded my front brakes to the Sumitumo 6-pots from Sean Morley. I now have a set of Yamaha R1 gold dot brake calipers up for sale. They come with the Galfer HH pads, which only have around 5000 miles on them, you should be able to get considerably more than that out of...
  7. M

    FS: Emulators, Frame Braces, R1 Calipers, MORE!

    Selling off some accumulated Gen1 parts to fund another project. All are in very good or brand new condition. Prices do not include USPS shipping (CONUS only please). 1. OEM frame braces w/weld-on mounts, BRAND NEW never mounted $100 2. VooDoo billet adjustable kickstand, BRAND NEW...
  8. Joken

    Front Wheel Hop? R1 calipers and EBC HH.?

    So i took my bike for a ride today after changing to r1 caliper and ebc hh pads, When i put the front brakes on the front wheel hops and pulsates? I scuffed the rotors prior to new pads.? About the front ens: I have the 17" cycle one off front wheel with rotor adapter, with stock rotors...

    6 pot calipers

    Bolt on upgrade for later model 1st gen max.
  10. sarchin

    4 piston calipers for sale

    Will need painting. Brake pads are included. I got them with a set of forks I bought but I have 6 piston calipers I will be using and don't need these. Whoever had them before had globs of black paint on them that I cleaned off. See pics. $20 plus shipping Thanks,
  11. 82ndCowboy

    Looking to upgrade Masters and calipers.

    OK guys. Ive decided my next mod is to upgrade the brake calipers and master cylinders on My VMAX. ANY one got any pics of some upgrades? Was thinking R1 or ZFR1000, but thats not set in stone. I want bolt on without adapters. Anyone find any with red pot caps? I need to find a matching brake...
  12. P

    Busa calipers, 14MM master, & OE engine guards w/hwy pegs.

    Perfect condition caliper off a one owner bike with 20K. $45 shipped (Cont US) Calipers with unknown miles and some scratches. I would probably rebuild before using, but that's me. $45 for the pair shipped (Cont US). Honda 919 14MM master cylinder with adjustable lever in...
  13. P

    Help me out R1/R6/FZ1/Busa calipers?

    I apologize, I know the info here somewhere but I can't keep it straight. What calipers, master, rotors are needed to upgrade an 06? THANKS Paul
  14. Maxorel

    FZ1 front calipers- silver dot, will they fit a 2002?

    I searched- assuming I'm dumb, I did not find a relative thread comparing FZ1 silver dot calipers to early R1 calipers. Anyone use the FZ calipers up FRONT on a 93^ Max? I have a 2002 and found a set of super clean and super cheap silver dots I want to get- but are the mounting holes the...
  15. D-Max2012

    Best Pads for a 91 with Stock Calipers

    What's the consensus of best brake pads for a 91 with stock calipers front and rear?
  16. D

    Grind calipers or hub?

    Ok, it seems I'm in the final stages of this front wheel mess. The last thing I have to do to get the wheel on there and usable is get the rotors to center in the calipers. I can either grind about 1/8" off each caliper mounting arm or take the wheel to a machine shop and have the entire face...
  17. E

    How to clean grease-crusted calipers?

    Hi all. I hope everyone's doing okay and getting some good rides in before Mr. Winter attacks... I was just able to purchase two VERY used front brake calipers for my '86 FZX700. The problem is, it looks like these were baked for a LONG time in a grease-filled oven. They're just completely...
  18. A

    What thickness are gen 1 front calipers?

    I think my calipers need to be replaced but i cant find any specs online. What thickness are new rotors and whats the minimum thickness. How about for the rear rotor? Thanks!
  19. BJ44V

    Busa vs. TL1000 calipers

    I have been looking over eBay and it would appear that TL1000 and Hayabusa calipers are the same? I Googled it a little but came up empty. Anyone have any idea if this is true. I would prefer the TL1000 calipers since they are already black. Thanks for the help.
  20. fmcandrew

    Busa calipers on late model vmax

    Gents, Can 6 pot Busa calipers mount up to a 95 vmax? I know Sean makes an adapter for the early models, but what about the late models? Thanks Frank