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    Hardly audible clicking / tapping sound in the speedo

    97 VMAX 25K; Ive been noticing a minute clicking sound coming from the speedometer at speed only. Anyone else heard this ? What was the issue / solution ? My first guess I hope...lubrication ?
  2. M

    Fix the fuel pump every few days?

    Last year, after many years of trouble-free operation, my fuel pump started the continuous clicking when the key was turned on. I found the fix here on the forum (What to do when your fuel pump clicks like a SOB) and tried it. The first time I did it, it worked for several months, then started...
  3. B

    clicking from front end

    after a 1000 mile on my max my front brakes have started making a knocking noise .i have taken then pads out and notice a ani squeal plate was loose. i tightened it up (now brake pins are a tight fit ) done 200 more miles its back with a vengence wtf please help !:bang head: ps i know its the...
  4. O

    Fuel Pump constant clicking

    So I have read up everything on this fuel pump issue. I have taken the pump off the first time to find the infamous diaphram had came out of its little cavity. I replaced it and reinstalled the pump. Seemed like it did help for a couple of cycles of the ingnition. It actually built pressure and...
  5. lawman504

    Clicking sound under carbs when key is on

    Im sure this is a frequently asked question and if it is, im sorry i couldnt find it. I did search with no results. Anyway. I turned the key on today and heard a clicking sound. Clicked about 5 times, pqused for about 15 seconds and repeats. Even when the bike is running it does this. Ive only...
  6. leecifer

    Fuel pump keeps clicking

    Looking for some help. My fuel pump keeps clicking until it times out or something every time I cycle the key. I think it's supposed to quit clicking when the bowls are full but mine doesn't. There is no gas smell or leaking as far as I can tell. :ummm:
  7. F

    Fast clicking from starter

    Alright, So I (almost) finished putting the bike back together. Only thing left is the rear fender, and the battery. I picked up my battery from the shop yesterday so the battery is fully charged. I drop it in the bike and hook up the pos/neg cables, turn the key, everything sounds exactly like...
  8. S

    what is that clicking noise???

    when i start my bike and i don't want to use the choke, i give the throttle a little twist and i hear a clicking noise as the idle seeks.... wtf is that noise? is that the vboost or something? This only happens when the bike is cold and i'm starting it with no choke and it is almost like idle...
  9. gunrunner

    Hard to start and there is a clicking noise ?

    After 6 days of Max sitting in the shed i decided to fire her up , on turning the key i got a clicking noise and she was had to start could smell petrol and it was like she was flooded and then got her running without choke on . This has happened before when i havent been using her for about a...
  10. gunrunner

    clicking noise

    Jumped on my bike today and all was good then it started to loose power when i opened the throttle up thort i was running out of gas but not then when changing down in gears i got a clicking sound , and it wasnt changing down then it seemed to be running like shit now ?:ummm:
  11. S

    fuel pump keeps clicking then ...

    On a ride home my engine startes sounding like a vtwin and i could hear the relay clicking on a very regular rythmic pattern very consistent with the engine. also saw white exhaust on the left stock muffler and a horrific gas smell. I let her sit for a couple days but i just tested and the...
  12. SvenDGAF

    No start, just clicking relay!

    Ok, when I try to start with the button, the starter relay clicks and thats it, nothing else. I'm not very mechanical minded, so my thought process doesn't go beyond taking things out and putting this back together! No joy with a jump start -from the car just the same (starter relay clicks)...
  13. Calimus

    Odd clicking sound from the rear diff

    Sorry if I dropped this topic in the wrong spot, but I wasn't too sure. At any rate. Yesterday I noticed a odd clicking sound while I was backing up the Max. This is with the engine off, in neutral, clutch out. It was steady, it seems to make the noise, stop and come back again as the tire...