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  1. mike sailing

    DynoJet Power Commander V

    I have a 2014 Vmax . Looking to put on a delkevic exhaust that is a cat delete. I have a K&N filter that I will be doing the air box mod. I have the exup valve servo eliminator . Do I need to purchase this Dynojet Power commander to make my bike run better? Is it easy to set it up myself or do...
  2. C

    99 VMAX VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit

    1999 VMAX with UFO Performance Headers and Dynojet Stage 7 Jet Kit The color in the pictures does not represent the real color. The last pic is the closest match, it is candy apple red. Very fast bike, with the UFO modifications you get the performance that the VBoost provide throughout the...
  3. blaxmax

    Dynojet Stage 1 Kit

  4. blaxmax

    Dynojet Stage 7 kit

  5. K

    Dynojet 7

    Looking for Dynojet stage 7 kit. Also possibly K&N filters, not necessary. Whole assembly.
  6. NHVmaxpower

    Dynojet Stage 1

    I have Dynojet stage 1 main jets,needles,shims for sale. Make me a offer. Just throwing it out here maybe someone will want them .
  7. BOOST

    Dynojet Stage 1

    Ok Dynojet guys, chime in. New to VMax, and mine is a stock '97 with new Supertrapp slip on's with 6 discs a side. Took the bike in for a 8K service, sync and tune. The verdict from the mechanic is that it still wants more fuel. It wanted to stumble when warm, when I pulled out of a stop. I ran...
  8. A

    Upgrading a bone stock 2004 Vmax

    Hi again, The title tells it all: 4-2 ( or 4-1 ) Mark's exhaust system ( sounds awsome ) Dynojet Stage 7 jet kit with individual filters Nology spark plug wires Velcro hook and loop patch for the seat and my jeans I am not biased towards a particular brand ( yet ) so feel free to express...
  9. zippo6

    Air Breather Cover? DynoJet?

    Ok, so I'm new to the whole 'Vmax scene' and wasn't sure or not, but I'm positive there is a piece missing from the top of my air breather.... See attached pics. As per the stickers, could it possibly be jetted and that's why the piece is gone? Should I try to find a used one and replace it? I...
  10. M

    power seems down after stg 1 dynojet

    I noticed it seems like it kinda falls on it's face in the upper rpm range since the dynojet. I put the needles and springs and drilled the slides and added the jets that it reccommended. I also have a dyna3000 and a Kerker 4 into 1 and a T-boost.. I really thought it ran better with the carbs...
  11. Rusty McNeil

    Dyno-jet wideband commander