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  1. Corrugated

    2004 ran fine until parked, wouldn't restart, slow to turn over..

    Hi guys, happened on my last ride of this season a day ago.. Left me stranded, waiting for tow truck now. No start, slow to turn over, rode great until stopped and turned off. Battery is 2 years old(?) I think. Waiting 2 hours now, almost got started, but no. Tried 2 jump starts and no...
  2. int3nzz33

    No spark when i try to start

    Last year i bought a 1985 vmx 1200. When i started the bike in january i saw smoke coming from an coupling and traced it to the voltage recitifier regulator. The heat-shrink tubing was melted into the isolation, and some of the isolation was gone so i saw the copper. I changed and started the...
  3. C

    No spark, fuel pump never stopped....etc

    I drove my 2016 vmax to my German club for a bier. No issues. It rocked. Went to get on it to go home. It took a lot of cranking and a lot of throttle to get it to stay lit. After revving for 5 minutes, it finally idled. It smoked while it warmed up smoke poured out. You could smell the...
  4. Y700FZX

    Plug not firing

    My left side rear spark plug is not firing on my 1996 V-Max. Changed the plugs Checked the wires (nothing obvious) Checked the coils (also nothing obvious) Started it in the dark and there seems to be a spark that flickers briefly but it is so quick, I can't see where it is at. The spark doesn't...
  5. M

    Replacement Turn Signals???

    Ok, so I've scoured every parts list, and I've done my due-diligence to find an answer and have failed......I want to slim down the turn signals, but it seems any aftermarket options I look at would have too small of a stud compared to the OEM turn signal stud. Does anybody have a list of turn...
  6. R

    Electrical Charging/Issue

    New guy here. So I've been having the whole hot start normal issue. I decided to the fix and followed RaWarrior's Stickie on "How To". I'm having this problem (Not sure if this was pre-existing before the mod): Basic Info: It's an 89 with 28,308 miles. not sure what the previous owner...
  7. 1

    Electrical gremlins. HELP!!

    Hey guys and gals. Out riding the 86 max yeaterday and it was running great! A few hours in, the bike started losing power and sounded like the the carbs were loading up. Then in heavy traffic, it stalled. Got it fired back up after waiting a few minutes, then it died again. Tried to start back...
  8. K

    Electrical parts including COMPLETE wiring harness

    Wiring harness: $55 shipped Rectifier: $50 shipped Ignition box: $60 shipped (bought this as a replacement a few years ago so it works perfectly) Fuel pump: $65 shipped (includes surrounding brackets) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. G

    Electrical connectors....

    Not sure if you guys have ever played with these.... but they're solder seal heat shrink connectors. They work fantastic. Twist together two wires, put the connector over them... heat gun or lighter. Boom it works without issues. The solder is low enough temp that it tins both wires and...
  10. vmax2extreme

    Bluetooth headset electrical issues?

    This past summer I've purchased a Sena 20S bluetooth module for my helmet. All works as expected except for the built in FM Tuner. When the vmax is turned off, all works crisp and clear as it should, but as soon as you turn the vmax to ACC on, all goes static on every station? I've...
  11. TB99Max

    Morleys electrical test kit

    A few weeks back I posted about ongoing issues I'm having with my Vmax. Long story short.... a few had mentioned to contact Sean and get his electrical test kit. I received it today and HOLY CRAP! So much stuff in there! He even sent a full set of carbs... unbelievable! I can't even imagine how...
  12. N

    COPS (Coli on Plug) in Australia

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone in Australia offers the COPS setup for Gen1 Vmax? My 88 max has been playing up lately... the usual kicking, bucking, surging etc.. Did the shotgun and rode it 2 weeks ago, it was running the best it ever has - so much so that at approx. 125km/h decided to...
  13. mundmc

    Electrical burning smell, engine dies

    The good news is I already was half-way over the Brooklyn Bridge, so I didn't have to push the VMax too far, as most of the trek was downhill. Nice 80 degree day, around 50mph at 3000rpm in 3rd, fan override switch on, temp halfway up the gauge. I smell something similar to plastic burning...
  14. Wirenut

    Electrical gremlins

    Who's good at this? I thought I was being that I've been doing it for 16 years now.... That being said, My LED headlight came in the mail and I decided to install the smart switch and a SAE hook-up since I was gonna have it all apart anyway hiding wires. Got it all tucked away and before I...
  15. P

    Pump won't work

    Hello, I have been looking through the forums for a while now trying to find a fix for my fuel pump. I bought a new pump, thinking my old one went bad, but it was not the issue. Whenever I turn the ignition on, i can hear the (vboost?) working, but the usually ticking of the pump had...
  16. Specs95t

    Electrical all die out after I hit the start button

    Hi guys, Last night, my wife and I took a quick ride up to a local state park to watch the sun set. All was good until we were ready to head home. I turn the key on, everything comes on as usual. I hit the start button and the whole electrical system dies (no headlight, no dash lights). I...
  17. rex4x4

    fuse is good but no headlight or dash lights

    checked my fuse and its fine . my headlight (high n low) doesnt work and neither do my dash lights . turn signals still work . anybody have an idea ? thanks
  18. M

    Odd Electrical problem-need help.

    Hello all, I have a '96 Vmax that has an odd electrical issue. Bike fires up fine(new battery& plugs installed before issue). Bike has COP, V-boost switch, & fan switch-all work normally. Never had a problem until 3 weeks ago. Riding along it backfires then stalls. Pulled over, re-started...
  19. tothemax93

    Electrical issue, where to begin

    This just happened half hour ago. no problem until now. Bike started fine and ran for 10 minutes. Went down the road maybe 200 ft and it popped and studdered, then came back to life. Went about a mile and the same popping/studdering then it died. I smelled wires so I pulled the seat. The battery...
  20. D

    MR Electrical stator

    hey guys I just got my Mr electrical stator in the mail today. it will be a couple weeks or so before I'm able to put it on. I was wondering if anyone else has bought one from this vendor? I got the venture stator for just under 50$ shipped and it comes with a one year warranty which in Iowa...