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  1. L

    HELP ... bought a slip ons exhausts, but I don't know what brand are ..? ??

    Hello, I am from Portugal and bought a slip ons for my vmax 2003, but i don't know what brand they are.:ummm: The sound of slip ons is very good, ...., now have a real muscle V4.:surprise: I just like to know what brand are they? Help me please.:confused2: They have been bought at a store...
  2. Hamkaas

    Bull Exhausts

    I've searched all topics in this chapter, but couldn't find the exhaust I have. :biglaugh:
  3. johnblaid

    UFO Exhausts?

    Anyone have a set of the traditional megaphone exhausts from UFO? I want to replace the exhaust system on my 1986 (pretty much shot) but I don't want to lose my low end power and I don't want to have to rejet the carbs. I like the look of the UFO pipes and the "Quieter than stock" end caps...
  4. P

    method to temporary quiet down loud exhausts?

    Hi, Does anybody on this forum have any methods to temporary silence the exhausts while doing work on the vmax? The reason i need to do this is because my neighbors kinda hate my loud exhausts, and i want to be able to sync my carbs without driving out of the hood :P Would something like...
  5. N


    Hi Peeps From Uk just bought 94 Vmax wanna replace stock pipes ,perhaps with cobra,s like I have done my 750 Magna ,any pipes I can get over here ,have about 40% added to them so I usually buy what I need straight from USA , have any of you fine people any advice Many Thanks.:ummm:
  6. I

    What does this 6-8-12 disc and closed ends mean on Supertrapp exhausts?

    Just that... If it's what i think it is, i took out my baffles today and took out 2 rings behind the caps that hold the baffles in, is this what people mean when they say they have 6-8-12 discs ect, why have so many! And what's closed ends....
  7. dingy

    What kind of exhausts are these?

    What brand/manufacturer are these mufflers? Are they any good for HP gain? They might be adaptable for my Venture. Due to the mono shock setup, I am not finding many options for a decent exhaust system. Last 2 pictures show what I have to work around. Gary
  8. L

    Vmax standard exhausts with Harley sound

    Hi all, I'm proud to say that I'm a new Vmax owner:eusa_dance: But I have 1 question: I love the sound of a Harley bike... My Vmax is the 2003 Carbon version with standard exhausts. If you want an idea how the bike must sound, follow this link...
  9. HuecoDoc

    Quiet exhausts

    Does anyone know which aftermarket pipes are the most quiet? I want HP gains for drag racing with minimal noise. So I think I need to get an x-pipe equivalent but I don't want anythig that actually strives for loudness.
  10. VMAX1260

    does anybody know this exhausts for the V-max

    some jerk hit my superrapps and i started a journey for the vmax exhaust with the BEST perfomance. I run into this site with a not cheap sollutions and the manufactor claims is some setup's it has a lot 17,7 hp increase !!!!!!!!! is that possible? here is the link with all the setup's any...
  11. S

    what's the HP Gain from Aftermarket exhausts?

    I was wondering ...what's the average amount of HP gain from an Aftermarket exaust? I'm thinking all of them will come within 1-2 HP from another....but has anyone ever dyno'd a bike with just the exhaust...no other mods?????