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  1. steamer97

    Factory Pro needle jets

    Greetings all, I was reading the Factory pro site and viewing the pictures of worn needle jets and their pics show their jet as oblong and stick as round. I assume this is a mistake. But a question remains in my mind about whether or not I need new jets. I looked at a dozen needle jets in my...
  2. Wyatearp71

    Factory Tool Kit and Exhaust End Plates

    Looking for Gen 1 factory tool kit and the rear end trim plates for the rear of the exhaust pipes (what most remove for the factory exhaust mod). Thank you! Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  3. Joken

    Factory Windshield + 1986 Flywheel and pick ups

    Hi I have a Vmax small windshield for sale and also the flywheel (rotor) and pick ups from a 1986 vmax Windshield = $100 plus shipping and pp fees Rotor and pick ups = best offer, will take pictures if there is any interest
  4. Fire-medic

    Ford factory drag car 427 Fairlane

    A guy driving down a Maine road finds minutes apart, two very rare Fords, he buys them both for $1600. A good story: http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/classic-cars/rare-find-he-bought-this-ultrarare-r-code-427-powered-1967-ford-fairlane-xl500-twice/ar-BBFPCDp?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=ientp2
  5. Fire-medic

    factory manuals online

    My friend uses this site constantly at his shop. Well worth investigating if you have the need: http://www.manualedereparatie.info/en.html Different languages appear to be available.
  6. henrysgmc

    Factory Backrest -SOLD-

    I have a factory backrest that I bought new many years ago. Its been hanging in my garage for years and I would rate it 8 out of 10. Price is $375.00 shipped. If interested text me at 845-283-6593
  7. M

    Nice factory case guards $130 delivered -SOLD-

    OEM guards for sale. Will included all bolts and spacers needed to mount.
  8. V

    Factory backrest for gen 1 Vmax

    Yamaha factory backrest for sale fits 85-07 all hardware included asking $300
  9. T

    Factory coating on alu parts?

    Morning chaps Should there be some sort of coating on the air scoops and rear grab handle? Mine does not look like a factory finish and after sitting outside for 2 days there is already white powdery oxidation on the grab rail. Needless to say i'm not at all impressed and might have to...
  10. M

    Mint Factory Mini Windshield

    $145 delivered. I need some Xmas cash! Text me for pics 908-295-2794
  11. henrysgmc

    Factory Mini Windshield

    In good condition. $140.00 shipped. PM if interested or text me at 845-283-6593
  12. 0

    Removed factory backrest

    Hey all! Just picked up an '89 vmax over the weekend.... Wasn't a fan of the look of the passenger backrest so I removed it n was wondering if anyone makes a grab bar type deal that'll slide into the bracket that the backrest was in?
  13. Fire-medic

    article on Kawasaki Z1R ATP kit factory turbo

    A 'blast from the past,' the Kawasaki Z1R with the ATP (American Turbo Pak) factory bolt-on kit, making the VMax RWHP if your VMax was done by someone who can tune the Stage 7/Kerker 4-1 setup to get 130 RWHP. http://www.odd-bike.com/2012/12/kawasaki-z1r-tc-psycho-turbo-z.html A great read...
  14. VmaxVboost

    2013 for sale, 3,000 miles, factory warranty

    2013 Yamaha Vmax Excellent condition 3,000 miles, but that will change, as I am still riding it Upgrades: Vance-Hines CS-ONE Full Exhaust: $1200 parts 4-2-2 Includes Two 2-1 collectors, Two slip-on mufflers and all required clamps and springs, already installed ——————— Corbin Front Saddle...
  15. CaptainKyle

    Factory backrest brackets

    Factory backrest brackets to hold seat $ 25 shipped in the lower 48 . I have the die to make these so can stamp one out any time so dont fear buying a factory backrest with one missing.
  16. E

    Factory seat

    I have an awesome Corbin seat but i want to switch back to factory seat for a Vmax 1700, both front and passenger. Does anyone have one for sale. I'm in Va BCH area. Thx
  17. E

    Need factory muffler and pipes for gen 1

    I have a really nice set of holeshots on my 2005 Vmax and the guy who wants to buy it says they are too load??? Go figure. Well I'm looking for the OEM so it is quieter. Anyone have a set, want to trade?
  18. M

    Factory luggage rack

    Looking for the great white unicorn....the factory yamaha luggage rack....please let me know if you have one for sale or know of someone who does Thanx Bill Sent from my SM-N910W8 using Tapatalk
  19. eggohead

    Factory Pro Needles

    Looking for so help adjusting the 95". It has holeshot 4-2 exhaust, single oval K&N filter( I took off the Y, hoping to get a little more air). I pulled slides to night, they are drilled, needles were on third clip. Springs look stock. Air/fuel screws were maybe 1 turn out if that. I put...
  20. texas-ss-tornado

    Problem with idle after Factory Pro install

    Just put a Factory Pro stage 1 jet kit on my VMAX, 4 into 1 Kerker, I went with the 152.5 mains, needles 2 clicks from the top. Throttle response is good, are these the correct settings?