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  1. OKCVmax

    Fastest pass to date

    So close to the 10's. Think I'm still down on power though, seems like I should be running faster up top.
  2. srk468

    Fastest street Vmax?

    I was just wondering, what's the fastest street Vmax times? I'm talking about street tire and no wheelie bar but with power adders... Wasn't the one turbo guy in the high 8's?
  3. CustomMax

    Fastest Bikes

    I read somewhere that the gen 1 now ranks about 25th as far as fastest bikes go. Does anyone know where to find or would be able to make a list from fastest down to about 30th just so we know which bikes to look out for so we can tell if it's the bike or the rider or both that we run against...
  4. Bacchus

    fastest production vmax...?

    I have heard it throught the grapevine that the 85 was the fastest year produced, when I question this I get strange answers like "um uh think it was somethingin in the trasmission or carburators or exhaust"... just wondering if this is in fact a truth or an urban legend....
  5. Heretic

    Fastest, most powerful Production H-D up for Auction!!!

    Fastest, most powerful ever, production H-D up for auction...
  6. gunrunner

    Fastest ever

    The Kiwi boys failed in their attempt to grab a world record , but they managed the fastest ever over a mile at the Salt flats = 421kmph . :clapping::punk:
  7. Jayhawk

    World's fastest Busa for sale

  8. gunrunner

    Worlds fastest indian

    Got up early to beat the heat and went to "Motorcycles Unleashed" - 100 years of motorcycling in NZ , took some pics :eusa_dance:
  9. KJShover

    Fastest Gunman, period!

    Bob Munden, Fastest in the world.
  10. Shuriken

    Fastest (observed) top speed on the Max

    What is the fastest you have traveled (observed top speed) on your V-Max? So far it's about 80mph for me... still breaking it in and establishing that initial relationship of trust!
  11. lankeeyankee

    Post your fastest VMAX E/T 1/8 or 1/4

    I am interested in how other VMAX's run at the dragstrip. Post your fastest numbers along with what mods you have such as.. Street tire slick bars no bars extended swingarm engine mods etc.
  12. B

    Best "fastest" way to clean motor???

    What is the best and fastest way some of you have found to clean the motor on the vmax and leave it shiny?? Went in the garage and the motor was dusty/dirty from sitting through winter and thought to myself shit thats going to take a while :damn angry: . I don't think it would be a good idea to...
  13. firefly

    The fastest way to loose your head Don't try this at home! ________ herbal shop