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  1. 65E844DE-74FA-42F2-B421-5A721B3DB636.jpeg


    Look ma the forks aren’t leaking!! Somebody told me to put some power steering fluid on them to reconstitute the seals. Was he full of shot?
  2. Denci

    I need 1998 Gen1 Fork Sliders

    Hey guys so I had to change the seals and I don't know what the PO did but on the left hand fork no matter what I tried I could not get the bottom hex bolt out to separate the forks luckily that seal wasn't leaking but I knew it would eventually. I drained the fork oil and cleaned it out as best...
  3. jasncab

    Front forks rough - how much spacer is normal?

    Hi everyone. Redid my front forks. Followed the Clymer and Sean's videos as far as fluid. '85 stock forks. 1. Are the stock springs tapered at the top? (they look like a progressive spring would. Is that stock)? 2. How much spacer sticks out from top? Unloaded how much spacer is out at the...
  4. K

    Chrome forks from '89 -SOLD-

    Pair of chrome forks from my 89 that I am parting out. Great shape. Would probably recommend new seals just to be safe. $125 plus shipping. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. P


    These came off a NON crashed bike and are in fair to good condition. Bottoms could use polish or powder coated. I was UNABLE to get the fork caps out. $70 shipped to cont us.
  6. E

    R1 front forks question

    Hi all: I just bought a set of 1998 Yamaha R1 front forks and am working on installing them onto my '89 VMax. (The triple tree I had on my old set of USD forks works fine, btw.) Here's my problem: Sadly, the R1 forks do not have the speedometer sensor lock on the fork lower like the...
  7. B

    Forks rebuild

    Can I reuse copper seal washer forks. Or any idea on alternative .not money more a time issue.
  8. S

    R1 left front caliper for later model forks

    It bolts up directly to a 97 fork. It's rough looking, been sitting for years. No pads. Make an offer + shipping.
  9. T

    UK - Complete Barnett set, standard clutch springs, forks, yokes, scoops etc etc.

    Happy to post all these at cost UK or abroad. More, higher-res pics here: Make me an offer on any of the below... Scoops: These have been "de-badged" as the yoofs say nowadays. They've been sprayed black but could do with a respray or a touch up. 40mm...
  10. S

    front forks

    What did I do wrong? I replaced my seals and installed new Progressive, I have no give in forks! I used stock spacer, but, I didn't think it needed to be cut down, about 5/8" more above tube at install. added the 4 and 3/4" from top fork oil level, installed the caps, now...
  11. caseyjones955

    Mistery part from Venture Forks, Assist please.

    This is a long shot but I need some help identifying these so I can find replacements. These tumbled out of the fork lowers of my 1989 Venture Royale. I have never seen these in a fork before, they do not appear on the exploded view of the Venture manual, its as if they do not exist. I asked...
  12. F

    Progressive Fork Springs

    My 1986 front forks no longer hold air and are leaking pretty bad. So I need to replace the seals and I figured I would switch to progressive springs while I’m at it, but I’m not sure exactly what I should get. I have some picked out, but to be honest I don’t really know what I’m looking at. I...
  13. Mr. Max

    Sticky front forks??

    I have had some bouncy-like shaking for a quite a while now, it feels like up&down movement to the handlebar and isn't the usual woble everyone is talking about. I had same issue with stock springs too, now I have progressive fork springs with 1" lowering and rear is progressive too. Today I...
  14. 88vmx12

    Inverted forks

    Guys I had Sean Morley put together a front-end for me. The catch was I wanted radial brakes. I had been thinking of doing the inverted forks for a long, in short I wish I had done this year's ago. I had progressive springs and thought it was pretty decent along with Galfer rotors and huyabusa...
  15. Lotsokids

    Progressive Springs installed / Forks Rebuilt

    I had a Hungarian mechanic rebuild my forks. I gave him Progressive springs and new OEM seals to install. He did all the work for the equivalent of $35. I had to argue with him to take that since he actually asked for less. I just got the forks installed back into the bike, and WOW they are...
  16. S

    Is it worth putting forks from a 96 onto an 88?

    I just bought an 88 Vmax without progressive springs. The bike came with a set of forks from a 96 that are thicker (I guess?). Do I need to bother switching to the 96 forks if I put progressive springs in the original forks? :ummm:
  17. W

    how to fit 2000 R1 forks to vmax,i

    hi brothers, i just got a set of r1 forks from a 2000 model,i have got a set of yokes machined up ,is there any pitfalls to fitting them with original wheel and i also have a set of blue spots,im going to rebuild this fronend to have it a bolt on bolt off,was going to fit new mastercylinders...
  18. J

    VMax mechanic for front forks San Diego area?

    Hello, I have the front end off of my 92 Vmax, progressive springs and race tech emulators in hand. Looking for a good, if not great, VMax or suspension mechanic to install the springs and emulators, in the San Diego area. I can brink the forks to your location. thanks! Jonathan
  19. S

    Bolt on front forks to 88 vmax

    Recommendations ? I think someone put on a r1 forks..? Im looking to upgrade the front, brakes/shock's. Thanks ☺
  20. dewcrazzy

    Front forks

    How do you adjust the front forks on a 98 vmax?