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  1. Fire-medic

    How to clean your gas cap

    I have a bike that had a stuck-on gas cap. No spray penetrating oils would allow the cap to release. I had to cut off the gas cap/tank neck to release the cap. A new one (gas cap) lists for $160+ at, and probably considerably more at your friendly dealership. If you do have...
  2. M

    1998 V-max gas cap key not turning sometimes

    New to me V-max, just getting started. Key doesn't turn in the gas cap sometimes. First time it happened I hit it with silicone spray and thought I had fixed it. Then it happened again. Seems like something is catching at 12:00 near the top of the keyhole. Maybe the first tumbler catches...
  3. nighthawk s

    Gas tank

    I have the rusty vmax gas tank that needs delt with. I know several members on here have delt with this in the past. just wondering what is the best way to take care of this. has anyone used the plastic tanks ? they are larger 5.3 us gallons. I want to do this job the right way the first time...
  4. C

    Gas tank removal

    Have discovered my gas tank has evidence of rust / crud in it so partial explanation of current rough running condition after major carb rebuild. Guessing that means gas tank removal. If I'm going to get to that stage is there a process for coating that members have had significant luck with...
  5. Fire-medic

    off the bike gas tank for tuning

    I had a small polyethylene gas tank from a Briggs & Stratton John Deere riding lawnmower that I decided to make into an auxiliary gas tank for work as needed. I got a couple of hose clamps, big ones, and some GB electrical insulated clamps to make eyelets on top of the tank. Then I used some...
  6. Fire-medic

    Gas cap cleaning

    I had a problem removing a gas cap on a project bike. I was able to remove it finally, but the detents that move when you work the key in the gas cap were reluctant to move, so I decided to remove the cap innards and clean it. I used a #1 Phillips and an impact driver to loosen the screws, I...
  7. Fire-medic

    replacement gas filter

    This one fits into the OEM space, w/a bit of diameter to spare. If you want to have it snug, use a bit of foam or cardboard to shim it. I was speaking w/my mechanic, and he said that even w/his shop discount, a OEM Yamaha filter for a VMax was $23. I figured I could find something comparable...
  8. B

    Gas cap woes

    Alright folks, here we go. Going to try and keep this as non convoluted and simple as possible. Bought my 99 max in April. Been loving every twist of the throttle. The bike came with a Corbin seat installed. It's very comfortable but I can't stand the aesthetics of it. I purchased a stock...
  9. C

    bad gas milage and missing plugs

    Im looking for a little help with a '97 gettting around 16 mpg. I just got the bike so I don't know any history on it. the only aftermarket items i notice is the supertrapp exhaust. One of the coils was bad so i converted it to COP. Everything else seems to be stock. Each carb is missing a...
  10. 42Below

    If in doubt , gas it......


    97 vmax top cover / faux gas tank correct emblem size ??

    My vmax came without tank emblems and i want to order the correct original size 30-40 mm ? 30mm seems too small 40mm is the better of whats offered 30-55 mm.
  12. ga_max

    Gas Leak (Non VMAX) Help

    My son got his first bike, a used 1997 suzuku katana 600. One of the things we did to get it ready for the road is to seal the gas tank (POR). Once we got everything back together we noticed a small gas leak coming from the drain where the sending unit to the fuel gauge is. I order new rubber...
  13. J

    #1 carb-no gas

    The other 3 have gas when i empty the bowls but nothing in #1. Float is set a 16mm.
  14. J

    Gas cap seal

    Anyone know what the part number for the gas cap seal on 97 vmax or a link to an after market one? Thank you for looking. Tony

    Any suggestions on a good gas treatment

    I will start this by saying I know SeaFoam is considered a very good product. However the 2 times I used to and using the correct amount for winter storage I had to have my carbs rebuilt the next spring. Now I know the Gen 2's a different but not sure how different they are when it comes to gas...
  16. ga_max

    Gas Tank Reconditioning (POR-15) Non-Max

    My son finally got his first motorcycle. It's a 1997 Suzuki Katana 600F. It has seen better days but it was not very expensive and seems to run ok. To get it ready for the road we've put on a new rear tire, changed all the fluids and sync'd the carbs. In the process of all this we noticed that...
  17. V

    Gen 2 Gas Tank?

    Anyone know where to get a Gen 2 gas tank? Trying to fab up a custom tail for a Gen 1 and the tank is a little wide for the look I'm trying to achieve.
  18. racerboy

    Gas reserve delimma

    The other day, I meant to approach the reserve level to make sure the switch would actually work, lite comes on etc, a slow glow, ok, the bike as expected, began to die abit, after the switch was flipped, the bike gradually came up to speed and run smooth, only less than a couple miles, I was...
  19. S

    Can you start without a gas tank?

    My gas tank is quite rusted and I don't think it is repairable. When I shake it, it rattles with rusty sludge and I think I can even see a tiny hole in the bottom of the gas tank where it may have rusted through. The outside looks really new so it is unfortunate. I was thinking of ordering a...
  20. S

    Gas Cap Stuck

    I can't get my gas cap off. After a bit of wiggling, the key does turn a quarter turn clockwise, but it won't come off. The whole cap does rotate slightly both clockwise and counter clockwise, but it won't open. I've tried a little WD-40 as well as lightly tapping with a rubber mallet. I've also...